What is a Bridal Show?

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A bridal show or bridal convention is usually a showcase of offerings by different vendors who might be involved in producing a wedding. A bride or groom can often find retailers for wedding dresses and tuxedos, caterers, wedding coordinators, travel agents, florists, wedding cake designers, and others demonstrating their usefulness to couples as they plan their weddings.

Sometimes, a bridal show charges people to attend, although this is not always the case. Many offer expensive door prizes to attract even brides who have already planned their weddings. Those who have not done much planning can get ideas and make connections with businesses that might offer discounts for attending the show.

At some point during the convention, those attending may be invited to view the latest in gowns and formal wear. A fashion show can show brides many options for their own dresses, as well as for their bridesmaids. They often also include different types of formal clothing for grooms and groomsmen.

Often, a bridal show is held at a convention center or fairgrounds. Attendees should plan to spend several hours there, especially if the show is very large. Taking a look at the retailers and vendors who will be present can give a bride an idea of how big the show might be. A large number of vendors in a big location like a fairground can mean a fairly huge show.


For the prospective bride, this event offers the opportunity to meet most local and sometimes non-local vendors all in one location. Attending may mean that the bride can consider all the things that go into a wedding in one day of shopping. She may go with family planning the wedding or with bridesmaids, as it can offer an entertaining as well as an instructive day.

Attending brides to be should bring a clipboard or folder to take advertisement materials from different vendors. It's also a good idea for attendees to bring bringing paper and pencils or pens to take notes on ideas and companies. A large show can be somewhat overwhelming, so keeping the information organized can help for future wedding planning.

Bridal shows are typically held at a specific time of year, most frequently in May or June. To some brides, this doesn’t make sense, since it can take months to plan a wedding, and many people get married in the late spring or early summer. For the prospective bride who has a year to plan, however, a June show can help her start all of the preparations required for a wedding taking place the next year.


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