What are Some Show and Tell Ideas?

N. Madison
N. Madison

There are many wonderful show and tell ideas that allow a child to share what is most important to him with his entire class. For example, many student enjoy sharing vacation memories. On returning from a vacation, a child may return to school with a photo album filled with pictures of places he visited. He may also want to share things like souvenirs and guidebooks for the vacation destination. These kinds of ideas are good for educating the whole class about places far away, without actually traveling there.

An ultrasound of a yet-unborn sibling can be good for show and tell.
An ultrasound of a yet-unborn sibling can be good for show and tell.

Another popular idea for show and tell is taking souvenirs and literature to class from a museum that a child recently visited. This allows the child to fill his classmates in on interesting things he saw and learned on an educational trip, while also more firmly committing the details to memory. When a child spends time relaying experiences to her friends and classmates, he is much less likely to forget the experience.

Small pets, such as hamsters, can be taken to school for show and tell.
Small pets, such as hamsters, can be taken to school for show and tell.

If a child's mother is expecting a new baby, that presents a wealth of possibilities. For example, while a little boy's mother is pregnant, he could take ultrasound photos to class and explain all about his new brother or sister to be. When the baby is born, he could take photos of the newborn to school or even photos of him holding his new brother or sister. If his mom has a special stethoscope that allows her to listen to the baby's heartbeat at home, he might even take that for show and tell, demonstrating it for the class.

A child's artwork may be shared during show and tell.
A child's artwork may be shared during show and tell.

Pets and animals can also be good subjects for show and tell. If a child learns about certain animals at the zoo, he may take pictures to show his class. If he's just gotten a new pet, he may take in a leash, pet toy, or even a food dish to show to his classmates. If a pet is a small enough, the teacher may even allow it to come to school for a day. For example, if a child has a hamster, he may be able to bring it in its cage for a close-up show and tell presentation.

A photo album from a summer vacation can make a good show and tell item.
A photo album from a summer vacation can make a good show and tell item.

Show and tell ideas don't have to be complicated. Even something as simple as a favorite book can make a good subject. Likewise, a collection of rocks or newly fallen leaves can provide plenty to present to the class. The idea is simply to choose something that interests the child and allows him to tell his classmates about it.

Vacation photos are great for show and tell.
Vacation photos are great for show and tell.
N. Madison
N. Madison

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My kids favorite is to show how a TickleMe Plant will close its finger-like leaves and lower its arm like branches when tickled. The kids are so excited to see a plant that can move like an animal. Then my kids would show how to plant the seeds and raise their own TickleMe Plant. Often, the teachers would like this demonstration so much that they would order a complete TickleMe Plant classroom kit so that each student could grow their own.


I think that basic science and magic tricks also make great show and tell ideas. There are quite a lot of very simple tricks that kids can do which can be quite spectacular.

I've also found terrific show and tell ideas online. They tend to include really good basic ideas, but also many "out of the box" ideas which my kids and her class have really enjoyed.

I think one of the most important things about show and tell is that the child gets the opportunity to present something which genuinely interests them. So look to their personal interests too, like animals (photographs), sports (equipment), dance (costume) etc.


Comfyshoes- I agree with you. I think another great show and tell idea involves a classroom visit from a parent that is a notable profession.

For example if the parent is physician, the child can introduce the parent and the parent can discuss a little bit of background regarding their job. Bringing a stethoscope, for example, can really help the children understand how and why is used.

This can be part of the show and tell presentation. The teacher can create theme ideas like this by allowing the parents and the child to discuss the parent’s occupation with the class.

This gives the whole class an opportunity to learn about different occupations.


SurfNturf-I think that photographs are great show and tell items. Children can recount vacation experiences easily. They can talk about where they went and what they did and how much they enjoyed the vacation.

Usually a picture is descriptive enough to allow a child to talk about the experience without any prodding.

This is another show and tell idea that makes the child very comfortable. The teacher can also help by asking questions about the trip, in order to get the rest of the children engaged.


Another great preschool idea for show and tell involves the child's art work. Children are very proud of their art work and will probably have much to say about how they created the artwork and why they created the artwork.

Not only will this improve the child's verbal presentation skills, but it'll also make the child more confident. A parent can help, by framing the artwork so that it looks even more impressive.


I think that some great kindergarten ideas for show and tell could include a favorite book or toy.

Children will find it easier to express themselves when it is discussing something that is really important to them.

For example with a favorite toy, such as a doll, the child can describe the doll and its imaginary personality, what its name is, and when she got it.

She can discuss activities that she does with the doll, like fix the hair and dress it. For a book, the child could discuss the basic plot of the story and why they like the book.

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