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PrimePutt Review - Is This the Best Putting Mat of 2023?

Jim Bennett
Jim Bennett
Lead Sports Editor
PrimePutt indoor putting mat

Many golfers and golf enthusiasts rely on at-home putting greens to practice and enhance their skills in the comfort of their living room. Traveling to golf courses can be expensive, time-consuming, and embarrassing for some beginners. Finding the best at home putting green can help prepare you for the natural green. In this article, the team at WiseGeek puts the PrimePutt Putting Mat to the test, and we report all our findings so you can determine if it's the right home putting mat to help you achieve your goals.

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PrimePutt Premiere Putting Mat Pros and Cons - At a Glance

4.8 star WiseGeek Rating 4.8 star WiseGeek Rating
  • Pros
    • Most Realistic Putting Surface
    • Innovative Cup Design
    • No Block Backstop
    • Stay Put Bottom
    • Use What The Pros Use
    • Rolls True Every Time
    • Portable And Storable
    • Always Lays Flat
  • Cons
    • No Ball Return
    • No Alignment Lines or Markings
    • Weight
    • No Carrier or Case
  • The Bottom Line:

    If you can’t make it to the course to practice, the PrimePutt putting mat is the next best thing. The mat feels authentic and mimics the feel of natural grass, and its ingenious design makes it simple to roll out, stow away, and practice from wherever.

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PrimePutt Putting Mat review

12 Things We Really Liked About PrimePutt Putting Mat

We've seen a bunch of indoor putting mats come through before with varying shapes, surfaces, and features. But after trying the PrimePutt Putting Mat, below are some of the best features that stood out to us when using this putting mat.

1. Most Realistic Putting Surface

Golfing on the PrimePutt Putting Mat has a realistic feel that gives you the same impression as putting on natural grass. They worked with turf and material science professionals to create the most realistic putting surface for golfers to get a real putting experience.

2. Innovative Cup Design

Our favorite detail - PrimePutt's cup and flagstick design moves any made putts to the back of the cup to clear the path for your next shot. This technology allows golfers and enthusiasts alike to continue practicing putts without any inconveniences in their way.

3. No Block Backstop

These putting mats contain engineered hardwood backstop guarantees to not only stop long putts from rolling off the back but also to prevent balls from bouncing back and blocking your next putt so you can stay focused in each practice session.

4. Stay-Put Bottom

PrimePutt's lightweight, flexible rubber bottom guarantees to keep the mat in place without bulging or slipping; this allows users to gain confidence that the mat won't interfere with their putt, no matter how powerful their stroke is.

5. Use What The Pros Use

While many putting mats use felt, fabric, or turf that's too tightly coiled, PrimePutt's Putting Mats are made of materials that replicate natural grass to give customers the realistic experience that pro golfers get on a course.

6. Rolls True Every Time

The PrimePutt Putting Mat is one of the most durable putting mats out there. The ball rolls true every time with no maintenance required and will hold up to daily or consistent use. So, you can practice as often as you wish without the stress of wearing out your putting mat.

7. Portable And Storable

PrimePutt's putting mats are portable and roll up easily. This allows for easy cleanup and storage between practice sessions and enables you to practice on the go while away from home, should the urge arise.

8. Always Lays Flat

A PrimePutt Putting Mat lays flat straight out of the box. No need to weigh it down, iron it (definitely don't, it will burn), or give it time to breathe. No matter how long your mat stays rolled up, it's ready to go with every unravel. 

9. Highest Quality Standards

PrimePutt addresses a gap in the market for high-quality, realistic putting mats. They don't cut corners on the materials and manufacturing of their mats because they value your investment. PrimePutt as a company believes that lovers of the sport - at any skill level - deserve the best experience from a putting mat.

10. Money Back Guarantee

While PrimePutt stands by the integrity of their product, if you aren't satisfied with your putting mat for any reason, they offer a 100% refund on all their products. No matter what issue you are experiencing, PrimePutt will always honor their money-back guarantee.

11. World-Class Service

PrimePutt's customer service team operates Monday-Friday from 9 am-5 pm ET to help answer any questions by email, phone, or live chat. Their kindness, compassion, and willingness to help put PrimePutt's customer service apart from the rest, always going out of their way to answer your questions the first time.

12. Free Shipping

Who doesn't love free shipping? Let's face it - shipping costs can make all the difference in a purchasing decision! PrimePutt offers free shipping on all its products, with no hidden fees or added 'delivery' fees. Just your realistic putting mat straight to you.

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What Could Be Improved

No product is perfect, and although PrimePutt's Putting Mats come close - a few things could be improved or included. 

1. No Ball Return

PrimePutt's Putting Mats purposely do not have a ball return. It could be good or bad depending on what's essential for you. In line with the goal of a realistic experience, having a ball return means putting up a ramp, which doesn't happen on an actual golf course. But some of us that tested the putting mat missed the convenience. To each their own! 

2. No Alignment Lines or Markings

PrimePutt doesn't include alignment lines on their mats because not only would it affect the quality of their putting surface, but there are no cheat lines on a golf course! Some testers felt that alignment lines were helpful for their skill level and, as putters that were new to the game, would have benefitted from a guiding line. 

3. Heavier Than Competitors

PrimePutt's putting mats weigh approximately 15lbs, which makes them heavier than some competitors. However, this extra weight is due to the premium materials found in PrimePutt mats, such as backstop wood and premium turf. Some of our team members at WiseGeek took turns carrying it - and it's comparable to an adult Maltese (yes, we have one in-office!). Only one team member complained about the weight, but we won't judge him. 

4. No Carrier or Case

While the product is excellent, it would be great to have everything - including all its accessories - neatly in one package when storing or transporting it. But it's not like there aren't cases you could buy to accomplish this - it just would have been nice for it to come with its own. 

Key Considerations For Our Review

PrimePutt Putting Mat review

When reviewing an at-home putting mat, we take several factors into account. When searching for your putting mat, you should also consider the following things to get the most out of your putting.

  • Size - Putting mats come in various sizes, and there will be one perfect for you! The thing to be aware of on your end is how much space you have, where you want to put it, and where to store it. These factors will help you narrow your search. Also, we consider the flooring in your space. Other mats needed adhesives or rug pads.

  • Roll - If you want the roll of each putt to be straight and smooth, plenty of flat-surfaced putting mats are available - including PrimePutt. However, if you're looking for more of a challenge or steering away from traditional or realistic putting mats, finding a more sophisticated rolling putting green may be best for you.

  • Quality - If you want to take your putting seriously and invest in a higher-quality putting mat, there are many excellent, reliable options, yes, including PrimePutt. However, inexpensive mats are available that can also satisfy your hobby. 

  • Portability - Another thing to consider is how portable or convenient you want your putting mat to be, primarily in terms of how easy it is to store and fold away. Some models roll up conveniently and quickly in a bag, while others have hole attachments that take up a bit more room.

  • Durability - The good thing about putting mats is they should last a long time because all you are doing on them is putting. That being said, models out there still wear down too quickly, depending on craftsmanship. Be aware of cheap materials used on putting mats because they won't perform well in the long term.

  • Features - If you're looking to focus on a specific part of your putting, there will be a mat for that. A long putting mat will help you with pace and distance control, while models with holes will help you gain more confidence by seeing the ball go in the spot more often. Alternatively, if you just want to use the mat for fun rather than intense practice, go for a model with holes and fun little accessories.

  • Price - It's important to review your budget and determine what you can afford when looking for putting mats. Some of the larger mats can be expensive, but the value is really about getting your money's worth as it pertains to your goal. So this will be subjective. 

How Much Does the PrimePutt Putting Mat Cost?

The PrimePutt Putting Mat costs $350. Depending on how you look at this, it can either be 'expensive' or 'an investment.' Country club fees, golf courses, and even putting range costs can add up if you go frequently enough, trying to improve your game. The cost of PrimePutt's Putting Mat reflects the materials and manufacturing - which we at WiseGeek all agree - are a cut above the rest. The initial investment's return will be reflected year after year of continued use with barely any signs of wear. We've only been putting on ours for a few months (and already feel we got our money's worth), but we'll update you in a few years on this. 

Where Can I Buy a PrimePutt Putting Mat?

If you're interested in purchasing your PrimePutt putting mat, you can find PrimePutt's products on their website

Be mindful of scams when searching for third-party stores to purchase PrimePutt's products. Many online sites will try to scam users for their credit card or bank information and will never ship out a genuine product. There also may be counterfeit products out there that aren't made by PrimePutt directly but will be available for a lower price. It's essential to use trustworthy sites when looking to purchase PrimePutt items, even if you have to pay extra fees to ensure you're getting the product you pay for.

Do We Recommend PrimePutt?

We conclude that after testing many other putting mats in the past, we're crowning PrimePutt Putting Mat as The Best Putting Mat of 2022! After going through the wringer of felt surfaces, putting mats that felt more like beer-pong, and chasing many unsuccessful putts off the mats - the others just don't compare to this one that delivers on its promise to recreate the experience of an actual green, without the price point, travel, or pressure. 

We would recommend their putting mats for everyone! From those aspiring to be professional golfers or who want to improve their golf skills through a realistic experience or novice golf lovers that just want to practice in peace. While PrimePutt's products can be slightly expensive and may lack some features that other mats contain, their putting mats stand out as the most realistic putting green out there and are worth the investment. PrimePutt checks all of our boxes in terms of what makes the best putting mat, and their products appear to be worth the investment. If you purchase a PrimePutt putting mat, it's guaranteed you'll have fun while improving your putting skills in the comfort of your own home.

Weigh the pros and cons yourself! Look at PrimePutt's products here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure about PrimePutt or putting greens in general? Below are some common frequently asked questions from golf players and enthusiasts.

Are indoor putting mats worth it?

If you are serious about getting better with golf, and yet struggle to practice, or perhaps don't have time to get to a practice green, then a putting mat is definitely worth it, provided you go for a model that is well made and usable.

How long should an indoor putting mat be?

Indoor putting mats can range from 2, 4, 6, and 8 feet long. When determining how long your putting green should be, it's important to note what you have the space for and what kind of putts you are trying to practice and improve on.

How do you make a putting green indoors?

Building your own putting green indoors can consume lots of time and money. If you are only considering a putting mat to practice shots for a short period of time, investing in a reliable putting mat may be the ideal option for you.

Do putting mats improve putting?

Putting mats give better feedback on your putting stroke so you can easily note which areas you are succeeding in and which need improving. Depending on the cutting mat, there are guides on the green that allow you to aim and putt more accurately.


Brendan Smith

Thanks for the review, Jim. I find it hard to find putting mats that have a similar texture to natural grass, so I've never bothered. But PrimePutt's putting mat looks promising. Excited to give it a try.

Charlie Cockerill

I like the design of their putting mat. It looks like they created this with actual golfers in mind - hah!

Matt Taylor

I started playing golf last year and couldn’t get enough. I've been on the market for an indoor putting mat for my office. Might have to give this one a try.

Ashley Hughes
Ashley Hughes

I think this would make a great gift for my fiance. He's obsessed with golf and has been giving no-so-subtle hints about wanting a putting mat to practice.

Jim Bennett (Author)

Thanks so much for leaving a comment, Ashley! Agreed with you on the gift part, I think this would make an excellent gift for golf lovers.

April Moritz

Hi Jim, my husband got this mat for himself after reading your review, and he loves it! I'm just happy that it's not an eyesore.

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Jim Bennett
Jim Bennett
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