How do I Organize a Baby Shower?

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A baby shower is a party thrown to honor a couple who are joyously expecting their first child. Traditionally, it's a women-only event, but "couples" events are gaining in popularity. The purpose of the shower is to bestow gifts upon the mother-to-be so she'll have those necessary baby items on its arrival day, and the happy couple will, therefore, not have to spend as much of their money on crib sheets and adorable outfits.

Baby showers are simple to plan and, in most cases, go off without a hitch. It's customary for showers such as this to be a surprise. If this is the case, you will have to do all the planning without the expectant mom's knowledge. This means you'll have to enlist the aid of the future dad who will provide you with a list of the guest of honor's family, friends, co-workers and anyone else who will be attending. He will also have to provide you with a list of needed items and a registry list if the couple is registered at one of the large baby emporiums.


Invitations should be sent out at least thirty days prior to the event. Let guests know the shower is a surprise and their arrival time should be at least sixty minutes before that of the guest of honor's. You can also advise guests to contact you if they'd like gift suggestions or registry information. It's up to you as host to find out in advance what gifts guests will be bringing to make sure there will be no duplicates. Invitees who live too far away or will be unable to attend for other reasons can mail their gifts to you.

On the day of the shower, you'll want to make sure chairs are set up to provide everyone a view of the main event — the opening of gifts. The mom-to-be should have a large, comfortable seat since she will, no doubt, be sitting for a while. Direct your guests to this room and engage them in conversation or play ice-breaking party games until the guest of honor's arrival. After she arrives and expresses her surprise, she can be seated in her special chair. As host you should have a couple of the guests, perhaps family members, assist you in bringing the expectant mom gifts, whisking away gift wrapping, and writing down a list of the gifts that were given and the generous people who gave each gift. This is to assist the parents-to-be in writing thank-you cards.

After all of the gifts are opened and properly oohed and aahed over, refreshments are generally served. It's not necessary to provide a meal to your guests, but some sort of food and drink will be expected. This can range from snacks and finger foods to a catered meal. No matter what type of food you will be serving, a congratulatory cake will be also be expected. Many hosts purchase a sheet cake with suitable words and decorations. Once cake and coffee are finished, guests are free to leave. Don't worry about all that cleanup; there are always stragglers who are happy to help. If the expectant father hasn't arrived to help his significant other bring home her bounty, transportation should be arranged.

With luck the shower will go off smoothly. Thanks to you and your guests the expectant couple will have many of the things needed to help them when they bring home their bundle of joy.


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Post 4

@lmorales - That is too cute! I am not a big fan of the diaper wreaths myself as they don't come out as cute as the diaper cakes do. It is definitely one of my top gift ideas for a baby shower, that's for sure. (The cake, not the wreath) I think you can fit a lot more on the cake besides and the more items for the new baby the better I always say. You can make little roses out of washcloths and you can never have to many of those!

Post 3

@win199 - I love diaper cakes. I have been meaning to try making one for the longest time and I think I will finally do it for my sister in law's baby shower in January. There is also such a thing called a diaper wreath with several different ways to make it. I would prefer more traditional decorations for a baby shower, though, and would probably go with a more traditional baby wreath like my mother made for my first born. It had her name and date of birth on the ribbons and we hung it on the door to my hospital room when she was born.

Post 2

There are tons of baby shower products out there nowadays and many of which you can find in local craft stores. The novelty of the diaper cake has come a long way as well and it super easy and fun to make. In fact, you can now find ways to buy them online through sites like EBay and Etsy, but also major retailers are beginning to offer them as well such as Target and Walmart. Whoever came up with that idea should be filthy rich because it's so adorable and customizable to literally any decor! Not just that, but it is truly useful.

Post 1

It is most ideal to ask the mommy to be what kind of theme the baby has in their room in order to come up with relative baby shower theme ideas. It's also important to include the siblings (if any) in the festivities and games to make them feel like they are still an important part of the family.

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