What is a Bridal Shower?

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A bridal shower is an event that takes place before a couple’s wedding and is intended to "shower" them with gifts. It is the modern day replacement of the bridal dowry given by the bride’s family in the past. Traditionally, the shower is attended by the bride’s female friends and family, but =a mixed "Jack and Jill" party is also common. Food and drinks are served, and there are usually party games and prizes as well.

The bride’s chosen bridesmaids, also called the bridal party, traditionally plan and host the shower. Their job is to organize every detail, including the design of the invitations, location, decorations, food, games and party favors. In many cases, the party is meant to be a surprise for the bride, although most are usually aware of the party that is being planned in their honor.

The gifts given to the bride are usually new household items that the newlyweds will need to begin their life together. Fine china, teapots, silverware, toasters, linens, picture frames, vases and wine glasses are some of the traditional gifts presented to the bride at her shower. Many brides and grooms register at their favorite store before the party, taking the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift for them.


Some bridesmaids include a wishing well at the bridal shower. It resembles an old fashioned well but is constructed out of cardboard and decorated in a bridal theme. The guests are asked to bring small, inexpensive items along with their main gift and place them inside the well. Wishing well gifts are often things like can openers, a bottle of wine, or salt and pepper shakers.

A bridal shower can be held at any location. Some take place in a person’s home, while others are given at a restaurant. Depending on the number of guests, some bridesmaids chip in to reserve a private room in a restaurant or club.

Some of the most entertaining aspects of a shower are the games. There are hundreds of different games that can be played, ranging from tame to racy. Some are tongue in cheek, meant to tease the bride, and others are great ice breakers.

One popular game involves giving all the guests a clothespin when they arrive and telling them that no one is allowed to say a certain word, such as "bride." If one guest hears another say the forbidden word, then he or she may take the clothespin. Whichever guest has the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins the game and a special prize.


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Post 4

SauteePan - It is important that all bridal shower invites are given plenty of time to prepare for the event and RSVP on time.

Also, the bridal shower cake is important and it should be something that the bride would love. A cake designer in South Florida that makes the most incredible cakes is Edda or Lucia from Cake Designs by Edda or Sweet Art by Lucia.

Both of these ladies worked together to form one of the most desired cakes in South Florida but they split up but use the same formula in their respected bakeries.

Their signature ingredient is the rum filling which is amazing. The cakes are pricy but always make a statement at any event.

It is also important to have a lot of games and special prizes for the winners. Make up gift sets or fragrances make good prizes that girls would love to win.

Post 3

Crispety - I think that you have to select a bridal shower theme that the bride would love. For example, a friend of mine recently had a bridal shower at a oceanfront restaurant and the bridal shower decorations involved shells and starfish in little baskets in all of the tables. Since it was also a seafood restaurant the theme tied in perfectly.

I think that the bridal shower menu at a restaurant could be set so that everyone would receive the same entrée and appetizer. This will allow you to adequately plan for the cost ahead of time so that you will be able to budget better.

Post 2

I love bridal showers. I think if you are putting together a bridal shower for a friend it is really a good idea to have a bridal shower checklist that includes everything.

You will definitely want to include all of the guests that the bride would want at the wedding bridal shower and ask if she would like her finance to attend.

Some brides do like to have their fiancée and others would rather leave it as an all girl party.

It is also important to find the right bridal shower cake to go with the theme of the event as this will be the signature piece.

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