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J.C. Miller, Director of Editorial Content Management - Encyclopædia Britannica
"Love your site. Easy to navigate and understand. Quick answers! Thank you."

Tara - Orlando, Florida
"Great site. Really helpful in not only finding the meaning of terminology but how various things 'fit' together."

Greg - Brisbane, Australia
"There is lots of information on the internet, but I really like your answers because they are all on one page. When wiseGEEK doesn't have an answer, I have to go searching through many websites. Keep up the good work, and please keep answering more quesitons!

Johan - Uppsala, Sweden
"I always search your website to find the answers to the tough ones."

"Keep up this great site!"

Phillippe - Moscow, Russia
"... Wanting to learn more, I first googled 'trip insurance' to get an overview of the topic. I found a fascinating Web site called wiseGEEK.com. I love the name.

They provided me with a one-page rundown on the various types of policies that are out there for travelers. According to these wise geeks, the most common type of travel insurance is Trip Cancellation/Interruption coverage."

M. Cleary - Santa Cruz Sentinel
"At last, a place I can go exploring for hours and not be bored. Thank you so much. I love this site. I would not give it up for anything."

Edward - Spokane, Washington
"love your site. Thanks for having such a great and very informative site!"

Coral - Oldsmar, Florida
"wiseGEEK.com - The place to ask all the newbie questions without embarrassment. The place to learn, for instance, what executive producers, grips, gaffers and best boys do."

"I just wanted to say thank you for your website. ... The site was so thorough and helpful. ... Thanks again for taking the time to post such clear and helpful instructions, you are certainly appreciated...."

"Wow!! What a great service you give!!! Thank you so very much!! Wonderful service. You are such a help to those of us who are not 'in the know.'"

Nirmal - Goa, India
"You guys have a great site. Thank you for the info."

Rob - Portsmouth, New Hampshire
"Keep up the good work, the topics you make are just soo appealing, every single topic on the main page got my attention."