What is a Diaper Shower?

A diaper shower is an alternative baby shower where the focus is primarily on giving diapers and diapering related gifts. This may be an excellent choice for women having second, third, or fourth babies (or any additional child after the first) because they may already have many baby supplies. Instead of buying clothing, guests can give diapers, certificates for diaper service, diaper pins, rubber pants or the like.

When planning a diaper shower as opposed to a traditional baby shower, it’s a good idea to ascertain what types of diapers the mom will likely use. It doesn’t make sense for everyone to bring disposable diapers if the expectant mother is planning on using cloth. Moreover, if the mother will be relying on a diaper service, it really isn’t worthwhile to give gifts like cloth diapers. Instead, guests would want to purchase months of diaper service for the mother to use. This can be a terrific gift because it saves on the incredible work of keeping diapers clean.

If the mother plans on using a specific diaper service, there is an additional consideration. Which diaper service does she prefer? It’s usually easier to use a single service instead of switching every few months, so guests should be informed of the selected service. Similar considerations apply when choosing disposable diapers. People may prefer a certain brand and guests could be advised on which brand to buy.

Though the majority of gifts at a diaper shower can focus on diapering needs, it is usually acceptable to bring an alternate gift. A handmade baby afghan or baby basics like puddle pads, onesies and t-shirts are generally welcomed. On the other hand, what moms may need most with additional babies are diapers, and these are often one of the biggest expenses for newborns.

Friends don’t have to plan diaper showers as second showers only. Many women expecting a first baby have more than one shower. The second of these showers could be a diaper shower, since the mother may already have received a great supply of clothes and baby accessories.

The diaper shower can progress as a traditional shower would. Lunch, or at minimum cake, can be served. Some people plan on purchasing or making an edible baby shower cake and then in keeping with the diaper theme, they also make or purchase a diaper cake. Shower games can include blindfold diapering, and a variety of others. However, sometimes these showers are scaled down affairs and might be conducted in an office over a break or a lunch period.

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@dfoster85: Most grocery and drugstores will gladly exchange one size of diapers for another. Many are even willing to exchange it with no receipt as long as the package is still unopened! You'd be surprised how often someone getting the wrong size diapers happens!

@ElizaBennett: It is all right to use diaper cream with cloth diapers. As long as you a) don't smear too much of it on (you actually only need a thin layer) and/or use a liner.

Post 3

@dfoster85 - I've never actually been to a cloth diaper shower but I used cloth diapers with my own babies and I think a cloth diaper shower would be more fun than a regular one because cloth diapers are just so cute!

With cloth diapers, it's really important for the mom to register so you know what she's planning to use, although there's no harm in going off-registry for something else she might want to try. She might want covers and prefolds, for instance, or she might be planning on using pocket diapers.

A cloth diapering mom will also need cloth diaper wipes, "wet bags" to store used cloth diapers in when out and about, plus at least one diaper pail and two liners for it (or a couple of hanging diaper pails, which are basically large waterproof bags). You can't use diaper cream with cloth, so don't buy any Butt Paste for a mom who's planning on using cloth.

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Another consideration if you've received a diaper shower invite is how big the baby is likely to be! If the new mom winds up with seven boxes of newborn diapers and then delivers a nine-pound baby, she'll be out of luck.

Ideally, guests would coordinate with each other so that the mom got one or two boxes of newborn diapers, several boxes of size one (which fit larger newborns from birth and most babies after the first few weeks), and if there are many guests, larger sizes as well.

And don't forget about wipes! Mom will need plenty of those, as well. This is assuming the shower is for disposable diapers - I'm not as familiar with what a cloth-diapering mama would need.

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