10 Best Office Putting Sets to Improve Your Short Game

If you want to improve your short game from the comfort of your home or office, you need to find the perfect office putting set. Having an office putting green allows you to hone your skills whenever you have a free moment, helping you level up your game the next time you get out on the course.

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So what is the best putting set for your home or office? As a longtime golfer, I’ve had the opportunity to test many of the top office putting sets, and I’ve identified a few products that I feel confident recommending to other golf lovers.

At a Glance

My top pick is the PrimePutt Putting Mat. The premium, tour-grade turf and innovative design create a realistic putting mat that you can take out of storage and set up for game-time practice in seconds.

My runner-up is the Big Moss Commander Patio Series Putting and Chipping Green. The long length allows you to practice approaches alongside putts. While it does not quite meet the standards of PrimePutt’s offering, this is another solid option.

Top 10 Office Putting Sets

Of all the putting mats I had the pleasure of testing, these ten stand above the competition. These products have the best quality and feel the most like putting on a golf course.

1. PrimePutt Putting Mat


  • The mat lays flat and feels just like putting on a real green.
  • Easy to set up and store.
  • Golfers of all abilities can noticeably improve their skills with this putting mat.
  • Somewhat more expensive than others
  • Only one size is available


For some, a putting mat is nothing more than a novelty for passing idle time or entertaining friends. However, serious golfers desire something more – a putting mat that simulates the feeling of being on the green.

This mat rolls out perfectly. I did not notice any bumps or uneven locations. This is one of the issues I have had with putting mats over the years, and it was fantastic to finally find one that alleviates this problem. Putting on this product feels as close to the real thing as you will get without actually heading outside. 

Setting up is as easy as rolling it out and getting your putter and balls. Storage is simple as well, as you can quickly roll it up. 

If you don’t want to take my word for it, PGA Tour golfer Sean O’Hair says the PrimePutt Putting Mat is his product of choice when practicing his short game. Be sure to check out our in-depth review here.

Bottom Line: If you want the best office putting set on the market, look no further than this product from PrimePutt. This mat provides the most useful practice and feels like putting on the real thing.

2. Crestgolf Putting Mat


  • Multiple holes allow a whole group to try their hand at putting.
  • This product is perfect for entertaining a group at an office party or after work.
  • The mat is easy to set up and store.
  • The material in this mat is not as authentic as others
  • This product likely won’t improve your short game


If you aren’t a particularly hardcore golfer and just want a set for unwinding with friends or colleagues, then this Crest product should be on your radar. While it may not lay as flat or have as authentic turf as other models, it allows multiple golfers to take turns taking shots.

I recommend this for the casual golf enthusiast who wants to entertain the office. Maybe you want to invite some of your coworkers to blow off some steam. You could also use this product to entertain the office during a Christmas party. 

The Crestgolf Putting Mat is easily transferable, so you shouldn’t have any issues traveling with it or storing it when you need to.

Bottom Line: Perfect for parties, the Crestgolf Putting Mat is a more casual choice in putting mats.

3. GoSports BattlePutt


  • The long runway allows you to practice shots from various distances.
  • This product has multiple holes so you can golf with your friends or coworkers.
  • The putting surface feels a bit like real grass, but not very high quality.
  • I do not recommend this for serious golfers.


GoSports designed its BattlePutt surface for competitive putting competitions, perhaps with beer as a punishment for missing shots. However, even if you don't intend to play with friends or compete in an office tournament, this is still a worthwhile investment for a casual golfer looking to practice putting while not on the course.

I found the surface decent but not as high-quality as PrimePutt’s mat. The material does give you the vague feeling of golfing on real grass, which is a nice touch. The 11-foot length means you can practice putts from different distances and work on all aspects of your short game.

Like the Crestgolf putting mat, this model also has multiple holes so several players can take turns trying to sink putts. I think it would be perfect for office parties.

Bottom Line: If you are willing to pay a bit more, the BattlePutt from GoSports is a fun way to get your office or friends involved in short game competitions.

4. WellPutt Golf 13’ High-Speed Training Mat


  • You can practice with two different green speeds.
  • The WellPutt app provides useful feedback.
  • Easy to set up and put away.
  • Needs to be placed soft surface.
  • It does not have a cup to shoot into


If you want to work on adjusting to a green’s speed, this mat from WellPutt is one of your best options.  Just make sure you place this product on a soft surface, as it lacks adequate padding.

Although it doesn’t have a cup to putt into (you could provide your own if you want), the mat has been designed with markings to give feedback on your putting. If you need more feedback on your skills, you can download the WellPutt app to use its program.

The most unique feature of this product is the opportunity to train with multiple green speeds. Putting in one direction gives you a stimp rating of 10, while the opposite direction is 11.5. This variability allows you to prepare for the different conditions you might encounter on various putting greens.

Bottom Line: With multiple options for feedback, this putting mat will help you better understand what you need to do to fix your short game. 



  • The automatic ball return is convenient
  • You can practice your putts from a long distance with this product
  • I like the multiple holes to hone your skills better
  • It is quite an expensive model
  • The material is not up to par with other models


Dustin Johnson, one of the world’s best golfers, chooses the PERFECT PRACTICE Putting Mat as his indoor training method. Though expensive, this is a good option for a high-quality office putting set, and I think it will suit most golfers. The runway is quite long, at 15 feet and six inches, although the material does not feel quite as authentic as some other models.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from golfers about their office or home putting practice is constantly having to retrieve their balls after every shot. This process is tedious and wastes time you could be using to line up the next shot. The innovative ball return on this product takes that hassle out of the process.

You will find two holes at the top of the board – a reduced-size one to test your skills and a regulation hole to simulate a real putting green. The biggest drawback is the price.

Bottom Line: The PERFECT PRACTICE Putting Mat is a good solution if you want a product that will help improve your putting skills. It is pricey and the material doesn’t feel as authentic as other models, but you will quickly notice your short game improving with frequent use.

6. PLBBJH 2-in-1 Golf Putting Green


  • This model is highly customizable, allowing you to simulate slopes and hazards
  • You can practice chip shots with this mat
  • This mat may be too gimmicky for more professional golfers
  • The product is expensive


If you want to work on your putting when faced with slopes and winding greens, you may be interested in the PLBBJH 2-in-1 Golf Putting Green. This office putting set resembles a mini golf course more than a traditional green, but golfers of various skill levels will be able to make use of this product.

If you like customization, this is one of the best mats on the market. You can choose between three different holes and types of cups. Golfers can increase the slope as they see fit, allowing you to simulate the greens at your local course. This mat even enables users to practice approach shots.

Experienced golfers may find the surface somewhat below average and the options to be too gimmicky, so I generally recommend this product to casual golfers.

Bottom Line: If you need to work on navigating slopes and lively greens, this training program lets you accurately simulate the conditions on your favorite courses. It may not have the same quality as some other mats, but it is still recommended for beginners. 

7. Big Moss Commander Patio Series Putting & Chipping Green


  • You can place this in your office or outside on a patio.
  • The surface is almost like putting on a real green.
  • You’re likely to see an improvement in your golf scores with regular use.
  • The cups and the backstop are not as premium quality as I would have hoped


The Big Moss Commander is perfect for golf aficionados hoping to improve their approach and short game. While many mats advertise that they are safe to use outside, this is one of the few that are weather-resistant enough to leave outside all year long. It’s also great for use indoors.

With an extension, the green stretches 15 feet, allowing you to practice from multiple ranges. The surface is nearly authentic to real grass on a course, though it falls just short of the mat from PrimePutt.

I had some minor issues with this product, including the backstop and cups. The backstop was not as sturdy as I would have liked and may not hold up to continual use. The cups were fine, but not as high quality as I would expect from a product with this price.

Bottom Line: As you would expect from the price, my runner-up is a beast of a model, and I think any golfer would be pleased to add this to their training routine.

8. Pro Putt Systems Tour Links Training Aid


  • This putt system is perfect for those wishing to improve their straight-line shots.
  • The company manufactures it with nearly authentic-feeling turf turf.
  • This is significantly more expensive than other models.
  • It is difficult to store this product.


The Pro Putt model is a premier putting matt that resembles the product range at your local pro shop. It is designed to hone a golfer’s straight-line shooting, with a narrow field requiring you to shoot straight to sink your putt.

If you want to practice indoors the way many professionals do, you will not find many putting mats that match the Prop Putt model.

The surface is one of the best available variations on the market, and I would say it's comparable to the feel of putting on a PrimePutt mat. You do not need to worry about the mat not laying flat, as the green is attached to a solid surface.

Unfortunately, this product is not easy to store, and it will likely take up much of your office floor space. Additionally, it is one of the most expensive models on the market.

Bottom Line: If you don’t mind paying an exorbitant price, you will find this office putting set to be near the apex of the market.

9. Birdieball The Ultimate Putting Package


  • The putting mat is spacious, so you can practice putts from various angles.
  • You have multiple speed options when purchasing.
  • The green’s texture feels very similar to grass.
  • This is a very large and expensive mode – many people won’t have the space.
  • The cups and pins feel cheap, and some may not care for them.


If you have a large office with plenty of space for a putting mat, the Birdieball Ultimate Putting Package is a trusted model for many golfers. The length and width make this product perfect for attempting longer putts and working on shots from an angle. Of course, its wide dimensions mean it is not for everyone.

The green feels nice to play on, and you can choose from several different speeds when you purchase this model. The various models allow you to have a mat that replicates the greens you are used to playing on at your favorite local course. I had no trouble setting this product up and found it relatively flat.

While I did not mind the shallow plastic cups, some users may wish they were a little closer to what you would find on an actual course. The pins are plastic, and I feel they will not stand up to extensive use.

Bottom Line: If you have the space for it, this putting mat from Birdieball is fun to play on and gives you plenty of variety in angles and approaches.

10. TrueBirdie XL Indoor Golf Putting Green


  • This product has a large surface and is easy to store.
  • The mat makes for smooth putts.
  • This mat is too expensive for what you receive.
  • The pins are made of cheap plastic.


Our final product is another unrollable mat, this time from TrueBirdie. It has solid dimensions at 10.5 feet by 3 feet, so you will have a little leeway in your shots and will be able to practice longer shots. You get two regulation-sized holes to shoot for, spaced at different lengths so that you can vary your practice distance.

Like many models, this one comes with a backstop, though you can remove it if you prefer. The holes have plastic pins, and I found them to feel cheap and plasticky. Luckily, you can remove them, so it's not a big deal.

My biggest gripe with this model is the price, as it is too expensive for what you get. It is not bad by any means, but similar products retail for less.

Bottom Line: While it may not be for everyone, this is a nice putting mat for your office or home. If the price does not bother you, you can do much worse than this model from TrueBirdie.

Key Considerations When Buying Office Putting Sets

There are several important factors to consider when shopping for an office putting set. These are the key criteria that helped me choose my favorite putting sets.


You need to know what size will work best for you. If you have a large office with unused space, you can splurge for a bigger model. Larger mats give you the ability to practice longer putts. But if you need to conserve space, opt for a smaller model.


If you want to improve your golf scores and overall game, you’ll want to find a putting mat that matches the green speed and conditions of your favorite golf course. Most models advertise the green velocity of the product, so check it out before purchasing.


You need a green that will hold up to frequent use. Look for products with premium construction and grass that feels as authentic as possible. The less cheap plastic you find in a mat, the better. Backstops and cups are the weak points of many models.


If you plan on taking your putting set with you or constantly rolling it up to free up space in your office, you should find a model that is portable and easy to travel with. If you want a mat to set down and leave in place, opt for one with a more rigid design.


Rips or tears can make a putting green useless for getting adequate practice. Find a model that you trust to hold up to the wear and tear of frequent use, especially if you opt for a more portable putting set. Of course, no matter which model you choose, you should treat your putting mat gently and with respect.


Some putting sets allow you to adjust the slope, while others come with an automatic ball return. Some have a cup and pins, while others just have markings. Before making a purchase, consider which extras are worth the additional price.


Putting sets range in price from inexpensive novelties to luxury items. If you are a seasoned golfer interested in improving your short game, look for a high-quality model that better reflects the feel of actual grass. More casual golfers looking to blow off steam may want a cheaper mat.

Final Thoughts

While many of these mats will suffice for casual fun with friends and colleagues, the quickest way to improve your short game is to work on it with a high-quality putting set. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll enjoy practicing much more if you have a mat that resembles the putting green of your favorite golf course. Regardless of your skill level, if you enjoy playing golf, you owe it to yourself to purchase the best office putting set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re looking to purchase an office putting set for the first time or upgrade your existing mat, you’re likely to have questions about choosing the right product. Here are some common questions that golfers often ask me about office putting mats.

Are putting mats worth it?

An indoor putting mat is a great way to improve your technique and build confidence in your game. You get instant feedback and can develop a form and rhythm that will translate to success on real putting greens.

Which putting mat is best for home?

The PrimePutt Putting Mat is the best model you can find for your home or office. Of all the office putting sets I have tested, nothing comes as close to replicating the feeling of grass.

How long is a putting mat?

Putting mats typically range from eight to 15 feet, depending on the manufacturer’s preferences. You should choose a set with the length that best fits your available space. Longer mats allow you to practice more difficult putts.

What is the best putting turf?

Nylon is the best putting turf, though nylon sets tend to be more expensive to purchase. If you can swing it, you should look for home putting mats made from nylon, as they are more durable and give you a better feel for the game.