What is Prom?

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Prom is an elaborate event that young adults attend during their junior year of high school. Depending on the school, there can be an additional prom during senior year as well. It can be one of the most memorable nights of a teenager’s life, and to get ready for it, there is a lot of organization, preparation, and excitement.

Limos are typically rented to take the teenagers to the prom and several attendees ride in each one. The young people go to the location where it will be held, usually to a hall, and dance and eat while school chaperons are present. At this location, formal pictures are taken by a professional photographer and a professional DJ plays music. The school never allows alcohol to be present and should someone disobey the rules there can be severe consequences.

While many attendees select someone from their grade level to take as their date to the prom, there are those that go a different route. The junior and senior students can not only decide to take those from the freshman or sophomore classes, but they may also choose to take someone who doesn’t go to their school. It helps the students have more options of who they can share their special evening with.

Prom can end up being quite expensive. The teenage boys attending usually pay less for the cost of prom then the girls. They have the cost of renting the tuxedo and shoes, the prom ticket, a corsage for their date, their seat in the limo and their share of pictures. The teenage girls attending will usually have to pay more because they have the cost of their prom dress, which can sometimes be hundreds of dollars. In addition, each girl has to pay the cost of the prom ticket, her seat in the limo, her share of pictures, a boutonniere for her date, the cost of getting her hair and nails done and a few other additional expenses.

Should someone from the junior or senior class decide to take a date that is a lowerclassman or someone who doesn’t attend the same school, his or her prom costs can increase. He or she may then end up paying for most, if not all, of the expenses instead of them be relatively split down the middle. For example, he or she may have to pay for two seats in the limo, two prom tickets, and the full price of the pictures in order to cover personal costs as well as those of his or her date.

Due to all of the preparation that takes place to get ready for prom, the attendees usually start several months in advance, whether it be to pick out what they will be wearing or who their dates will be. While it can be an expensive night, it doesn’t have to be. Cutbacks can be made and extras can be skipped to have the total cost be much less than otherwise planned. Considering how much the night can cost, many students get a job or work extra hours at the job they already have in an effort to pay for it.

Despite all of the preparation that goes into prom and how much stress may be involved, it is usually found to be very much worth it. The students have the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a way that they aren’t normally able to. It can end up being a night that they remember all of their lives.

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Post 6

Thanks. I'm doing GCSE and this website helped me a lot.

Post 4

Prom doesn't have to be expensive, especially if you just go with a group of friends. As time goes on, prom is becoming less and less formal. In fact, some school don't even require a tuxedo for the guys or dress for the girls, you just must have nice clothing. Afterwards, all you have to do is go somewhere where you know you and your friends will have a good time.

If you are going with a date, make sure you're comfortable with them, so if mistakes are made, it's no big deal.

Post 2

@Crispety - I know what you mean. I remember feeling nervous about being asked out because I didn’t have a steady boyfriend at the time and I was a little shy. It worked out in the end and I did have a date and had a good time.

I think that it is great when a group of girls go to the prom together because they don’t have a date. Good for them. They are setting a good example for other girls in the same situation and showing them that it is okay if you don’t have a date.

I also think that the other area that girls worry about is having the most unique prom dress. No one

wants to see someone else wearing the same dress, so I think that if you have your dressed designed and put together by a seamstress you will be more likely to have a prom gown that no one else could possibly have.

I also know that you could look into consignment shops that sell vintage designer dresses. You could probably an find affordable prom dress that is also stylish and one that no one would have.

Post 1

I loved looking for dresses for prom when I was in high school. It was so much fun trying on different gowns and hoping no one else has my dress. I think that there were two other girls that had the same dress that I had, but it didn’t bother me because I was having such a good time.

I think that the stressful part of about the prom was being asked out and having a date. I knew a lot of girls that went in groups because they did not have dates. There was a lot of pressure to find a date that sometimes it got in the way of enjoying the preparations for prom.

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