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What is a Plateau?

A plateau is a flat, elevated landform that rises sharply above the surrounding area, often with steep cliffs on one or more sides. It's like an island in the sky, carved out by millions of years of erosion and tectonic activity. Imagine standing on a vast, high plain, the horizon stretching endlessly. What secrets does this lofty landscape hold? Join us to uncover the mysteries of plateaus.
K T Solis
K T Solis

Plateaus are landforms that have a flat top and are elevated far above the surrounding area. They can be found in every continent on the globe, and in some areas of the world, they are at such an elevated height that living conditions are harsh. In other locations, these landforms offer more benign environments suitable for agriculture.

In most cases, the level area of a plateau rises about 1,500 feet (457 meters) above the surface of the surrounding ground. In order to be meet the definition of this landform, it must possess at least one steep side. Some of these areas were formed as a result of upward movements of the Earth's crust.

Plateaus are elevated landforms that have flattened peaks.
Plateaus are elevated landforms that have flattened peaks.

Other plateaus were formed as sections of the Earth's crust collided with another, and these particular ones are situated between mountains. Lava flows have also been responsible for forming them, elevating the ground as it flowed across the surface of the land. Such landforms formed by lava are called basalt or lava plateaus. Still others are created because of the erosion of land.

The Colorado Plateau is a nationally recognizable landform.
The Colorado Plateau is a nationally recognizable landform.

Different types of smaller landforms can develop on these areas. As water sculpts these natural structures, it creates domes, mesas, buttes, towers, rock bridges, rock arches, and other natural structures. Plateaus built from sedentary rock will possess horizontal layers of rock and will have flat tops. Those built on rocks featuring different types of hardness will result in landforms that can be pointed or level.

Lava can form plateaus.
Lava can form plateaus.

The Colorado Plateau, located in the U.S., is a famous landform that spans 130,000 square miles (336,700 sq. km.). This particular area is circular in shape and spreads across the southeastern part of Utah, the northern section of Arizona, northwestern New Mexico, and the western part of Colorado. The Deccan Plateau in India is another well-known landform that was formed by lava millions of years ago. It spans about 300,000 square miles (770,000 sq. km.), and sprawls across the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

The Siberian Traps is a landform in Russia formed by lava millions of years ago as well. It spreads across 750,000 square miles (1,942,500 sq. km.). Tibet is home to the Tibetan Plateau, the highest and largest in the world. A sprawling 888,000 square miles (2.3 million sq. km.), it covers an area about half the size of the connected 48 US states. This Tibetan landform boasts an elevation of more than 16,400 feet (5,000 m.).

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The region which is mainly 1000-3000 meters high from the sea level is known as a plateau.


a plateau is a flat or gently rolling piece of land. there are 3 types: 1 steep slope plateau, 2 steep slopes plateau and gently rolling land plateau. it is normally 1000-3000 metres above sea level. some are usually between 2 mountains. Hope this helps.


Does anyone know what florida's general topography is, and a website i can look at? I'm doing a science project and need help.


It is a flat topped mountain.


i think plateaus are a type of landform that have a flat top and eroded, chiseled sides. it is almost like a cliff or a mountain


i say that it's like ularu.


i say it's flat topped mountains.

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    • Plateaus are elevated landforms that have flattened peaks.
      By: Jim Parkin
      Plateaus are elevated landforms that have flattened peaks.
    • The Colorado Plateau is a nationally recognizable landform.
      By: sumikophoto
      The Colorado Plateau is a nationally recognizable landform.
    • Lava can form plateaus.
      By: Vibe Images
      Lava can form plateaus.