What is a Laundromat?

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A laundromat is a coin-operated laundry facility often called a coin laundry. Laundromats usually feature many dryers on one or two walls and rows of washing machines in the middle of the room. They allow those without access to a home washing machine, or without access to a machine large enough for certain items, the solution of having another place to do their laundry.

Laundromats usually have tables for folding clean laundry as well as chairs so that those using the laundromat have somewhere to sit while waiting for their clothes to be washed and dried. Some coin-operated laundries may have television sets or Internet access. Many people don't like to leave their clothes in the laundromat unattended and wait there through both the washing and drying cycles. This is because items could be stolen and the laundromat management assumes no responsibility for any missing or damaged laundry.

A laundromat can be convenient for travelers on a budget as well as to residents in a city or town who have no working washer and dryer available to them. Laundromat users must use their own hampers, baskets or bags for their clothing. They must also provide their own laundry detergent, fabric softener and all other laundry products. Some laundromats sell miniature boxes of laundry soap, but it is less expensive to bring your own.

Laundromats are convenient for washing oversized items such as a king-sized comforter since many home washers don't have the capacity to hold extra-large bedding. Some people also like to wash heavier items such as dog blankets and sleeping bags in commercial machines. Of course, the washers and dryers in a laundromat are first come, first served, so waiting for available machines may be necessary in some cases. Still, a laundromat can provide a good solution when your home washer and/or dryer breaks down or when you really need somewhere to get your clothing or other materials clean!

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Post 2

@cellmania- I hate that happened to you. I had a similar experience in the city that I used to live in. After the fact, someone told me that people will often walk around laundromats looking for people that leave their clothes there and then steal them.

I started using a different laundromat that had an attendant there during the daytime and you could actually leave your clothes for thirty minutes and come back. If you didn't want to have to do your laundry at all, you could pay the attendant a certain fee and they would take care of it for you.

Post 1

My washer recently stopped working and I don't have any family close by. I had to go to the laundromat to do my clothes. There are three different laundromats where I live so I chose what I thought to be the best one. It had a gas station built in beside it so I thought it was probably okay.

I walked into the laundromat with my work clothes, mostly nice pant suits, in a laundry basket. I picked two washers beside each other and got my clothes going. It was so hot in there and there wasn't a drink machine so I walked next door to the gas station to get a bottle of water. I was gone about

five minutes. When I returned, one of my washers had been cleaned out! Someone stole all of my clothes in that particular machine in the five minutes that I was gone. There were only three other people in there with me and they all said they didn't see a thing! It was a horrible experience for me and cost me several hundred dollars for the price of my clothes that were stolen.

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