What is a Bachelor Party?

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The rituals and customs surrounding marriage range from the serious and sacred to the hedonistic and possibly incriminating. A custom known as the bachelor party often falls into the latter categories. This type of party is usually arranged by the groom's male family members or future groomsmen, ostensibly to celebrate the groom's last days of freedom as a single man. While there are no set rules concerning the events of such a party, the evening is generally filled with male bonding over alcohol, mild hazing stunts and exotic entertainment from hired female dancers.

The ritual of the bachelor party, also known as a stag party is believed to be centuries old. Part of the party's function is to allow the groom's male friends one last opportunity to relive a time when they could be irresponsible and immature without penalty. A raucous party is often seen as a Viking funeral for the groom's adolescence before entering the world of adult responsibility.

Not all bachelor parties are destined to become legendary for their tales of debauchery and wanton destruction, however. Some grooms actually prefer a more low-key event, if they plan on having one at all. A bachelor party may turn out to be more of an informal gathering of the groom's closest male friends and relatives at a local restaurant or nightclub. Since a number of couples now live together before marriage, the idea of visiting a strip club or hiring a private dancer may not be as appealing at it may sound. The stereotypical image of an uninhibited, alcohol-fueled bash may be more fodder for movies than reality.

There are a few rules surrounding a bachelor party which should be followed to the letter of the law. It should never be held anywhere near the venue for the equivalent bachelorette party. This is a time for both the bride and groom to have a final, uninhibited fling as single adults, so party planners should coordinate their efforts to avoid potential embarrassment or conflict.

A groom should never be forced to participate in any act of hazing or sexual indiscretion. Guests should always respect the groom's wishes and keep details of the party to themselves. Trading information about the parties with friends of the bride can only lead to trouble. Guests should also be discouraged from taking pictures or videotaping the event. A successful bachelor party relies heavily on the discretion of the guests.

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Post 4

GreenWeaver- A nice alternative to the traditional bachelor party ideas is to rent a few rooms with your friends at a hotel and have like a sleepover party.

Girls especially like this and it is better than a bachelorette party. I have gone to bachelorette parties can get really racy and this sleepover with the girls can actually keep you from making a mistake that you will regret for the rest of your life.

You can also rent movies and reminisce about your courtship with your friends.

Post 3

Anon91111-I could not agree with you more. This supposed rite of passage for men and women really puts the potential marriage in jeopardy.

Bachelor party ideas often include the use of a stripper in the bachelor party planning. This is also true for bachelorette parties.

When you mix a lot of alcohol and members of the opposite sex in situations like this you are inviting trouble.

I think that instead of planning a bachelor party, you can have a nice outing with your friends. A nice dinner with the guys or girls is a better way to spend your last single night.

I did not have a bachelorette party and my husband did not have a

bachelor party because our marriage was more important and we did not want any party to ruin it.

If you really need to have one last fling before you get married then you are not ready to get married yet. Marriage requires a certain level of maturity and respect and this behavior does not speak to these requirements.

Post 1

This sounds like the most horrible thing in existence.

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