What are the Personality Traits Associated with the Chinese Zodiac Sign Snake?

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People who are born in the Year of the Snake tend to be very wise and sometimes enigmatic, with a streak of strong will which can sometimes get them into trouble. The snake is a yin sign, with a number of feminine traits, and its fixed element is fire. Fire makes people into single minded, restless, strong leaders who tend to have very dynamic, enterprising personalities, along with a surprisingly gentle, humanitarian streak. Fire also makes people very competitive, sometimes frustratingly so. Snakes do best in challenging, active lifestyles which are constantly changing.

The Chinese zodiac is not a simple thing. It runs in a complex cycle which includes not only 12 fluctuating animals, but five changing elements in their yin and yang aspects. Therefore, the year in which someone is born is extremely important. When a horoscope is cast according to the principles of the Chinese horoscope, people also look at someone's place of birth and time of birth, as these can be important factors in a snake's personality.

The snake is a very philosophical zodiac sign. Snakes also appreciate the good life, knowing when to work and think hard, and when to relax, but they are not frivolous, and in fact they tend to look down on frivolity. Snakes are also very perceptive, alert to new opportunities and potentials for adventure, and they have a tendency to become fixated on something in particular, sometimes ignoring well meant advice and warning signs in their desire to plunge ahead.


Snakes are also easily bored, requiring constant stimulation, and they tend to act with speed and conviction once they have decided on an idea. They are also very organized, and willing to lend a hand with a good idea. Snakes also offer very sound advice, despite their unwillingness to listen to advice from others, and they can make strong business partners, as they are alert to subtle change and they tend to ride the wave of innovation.

The best careers for snakes are those which are challenging and adventurous. Snakes make good travel writers, for example, and they can also do well as stockbrokers, politicians, psychiatrists, and athletes. As entrepreneurs, snakes can be extremely savvy, sensitive, and intelligent, making sound business decisions and providing strong reasons to back their decisions up.

Snakes pair well with oxes, roosters, and dragons, and they get along fairly well with other snakes, sheep, rats, and dogs. A snake can make a good counterpoint to a more patient, conservative sign. They tend to clash with rabbits, monkeys, horses, tigers, and pigs.


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The fiery snake from the Old Testament is still a symbol of healing and is used as a symbol on ambulances throughout the US. Fiery snakes appear throughout folklore throughout the world and are associated with new ideas, life, and healing.

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It is interesting to see that the snake is associated with fire and dynamism, since these are also traits associated with the Jungian Sun archetype and images of snakes throughout the world. Many cultures are connected in their perception of certain animals, aspects, and symbols.

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