What are the Personality Traits Associated with the Chinese Zodiac Sign Rooster?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

People who are born in the Year of the Rooster tend to be very bold and self-reliant, with a sensitive, gentle, almost idealistic side. This Chinese zodiac symbol is considered to be yin, meaning that it is associated with feminine traits, and the fixed element of the rooster is metal. As a result, roosters tend to be strong, very self determined, compassionate, reserved, sophisticated, and tenacious. They do well in careers which make use of their hardworking natures and excellent powers of observation.

People who are born under the rooster zodiac tend to interact well with those born under the monkey zodiac.
People who are born under the rooster zodiac tend to interact well with those born under the monkey zodiac.

When looking at the Chinese zodiac, it is important to remember that in addition to the 12 zodiac animals, the zodiac also includes the five elements in their yin and yang personae. As a result, the year in which someone is born is very important, as is his or her time of birth and place of birth. When a horoscope is assembled in accordance with the teachings of Chinese astrology, all of these issues are considered to create a more accurate personality profile.

Roosters are often considered vain.
Roosters are often considered vain.

Like their animal counterparts, roosters are elegant, rarely seen with a hair out of place. They tend to be extremely fashionable and very aware of changing fashions, leading some people to call them vain because they like to be noticed and flattered. However, their surface vanity conceals a very brave, compassionate interior, and roosters make strong, loyal friends who will always help out in an emergency.

Roosters have strong and loyal friends, and always enjoy meeting new people.
Roosters have strong and loyal friends, and always enjoy meeting new people.

A rooster loves to entertain, and they enjoy meeting new people and facing new situations. They are also extremely observant, with keen eyes which are capable of following a wide range of things at once, and they often make very prescient observations and comments. However, roosters can also be a bit idealistic, which can lead them to be judgmental or critical of others, and they are often disappointed by the perceived failures of others. Roosters also react poorly to advice and opinions which contradict their own, though they offer sound and very useful advice.

Roosters often fare well in creative professions, especially in the field of design, thanks to their good eyes and fashionable natures. They also make good diplomats and espionage agents, and they often do surprisingly well in financial professions. A rooster also, of course, tends to be a great performer, and many notable actors and musicians are born in the Year of the Rooster.

Roosters tend to make friends with oxes, dragons, snakes, and monkeys. They also get along relatively well with other roosters, rats, and tigers. However, they often have personality conflicts with sheep, horses, pigs, dogs, and rabbits.

Much like real roosters, those born under the Chinese zodiac sign are rarely seen with a hair out of place.
Much like real roosters, those born under the Chinese zodiac sign are rarely seen with a hair out of place.
Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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I am a rooster and never forget or forgive anyone.


I'm really into astrology and recently I discovered Chinese astrology. So far, I think it's really accurate. My girlfriend is apparently a rooster and I think she carries all of the traits. She is always looking great! I have never seen her dressed badly or have a bad hair day!

She likes to spend time with friends and go shopping a lot. She can spend her whole weekend at the cafe, reading books and chatting with people. I love how laid-back she is.

She can be kind of judgmental at times and I have witnessed a couple of times where she got pretty upset for being criticized but I don't think it was over the top. And I agree with @ddljohn that roosters forget really easily. My girlfriend and I have had several major fights where I was at fault, but she has never brought them up. I think it's rare to find a woman like that.


@anamur-- I'm sorry to hear that! But I agree that it's not good to generalize. Like the article said, the day, year and time of birth is really important too. Do you know exactly which type of rooster your brother is?

Each Chinese sign also has specific types within. They are "water," "earth," "metal," "wood," and "fire." For example, I'm a water rooster, so I have some characteristics that are a little bit different than the other roosters.

Roosters can seem selfish and arrogant, but I really think that we are pure at heart. We don't wish anyone harm and have a helping, kind nature. I carry most of the rooster traits and the ones I'm proud of the most is that I forget and forgive really easily and I never turn down anyone who needs my help. That's why I have many friends and I'm very social.


My brother is a rooster and I'm a tiger but we don't get along at all.

I've had many ups and downs with my brother, but for the past several years we are very distant from one another. I'm sure not all roosters are the same, but my brother has several traits that I really dislike about him. First of all, he's very selfish, he rarely thinks about others and when he does, there is always another motive behind it.

He's also arrogant sometimes and has a really short-temper. He forgets and forgives really fast which is a good quality but it can be confusing too. One moment, he's an aggressive, insulting beast and the next, he's soft-spoken and kind. I never know what to expect from him.

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