What are Some Ideas for Homemade Lampshades?

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Besides being a functional accessory, lamps are an essential element to the overall design of a room. It can take a considerable amount of time to search for the perfect store-bought lamp to complete a room, and sometimes, the perfect lamp is no where to be found. The simple thing to do in this case is to make your own lamps complete with homemade lampshades.

Homemade lampshades can range from the simple to the extravagant, depending on your design elements and personal style. The possibilities are nearly endless, limited only to your creative abilities. One of the easiest ways to create homemade lampshades is to start with a plain, white, store-bought shade and add your own personal touch.

You can embellish a plain shade with buttons, beads, or any other decorative element that suits you. Try hanging beads from the bottom of your shade and finishing it off with ribbon trim. Try matching homemade lampshades to throw pillows, curtains, or an area rug to pull a room together.

You can also use a decoupage technique to add elements to your homemade lampshades to match other parts of the room. In a child’s room, for example, you can cut out pictures from wallpaper border and decoupage them to lampshades for the bedside tables. A store bought product or homemade paste of two parts water to one part glue should do the trick. Simply brush the paste over the picture, smooth out the wrinkles, and let it dry.


Other ideas for homemade lampshades include watercolor paints over a canvas shade, or being inventive and using something other than a traditional shade. You can buy lamp shade paper at craft supply stores and create uniquely shaped lampshades, as well.

Remember to consider the size relationship between the lamp base and the lampshade of each lamp you make. Also, consider the purpose of the lamp for your room. If it is strictly for mood lighting or a decorative accent, don't worry about the size of the lamp or whether your homemade lampshades let through enough light. If your lamps are for task lighting, though, you should keep this in mind when making your homemade lampshades. If they’re too dark, the lighting may be too poor to serve its purpose.

If you cannot find a proper lamp base in stores, visit a craft store for a lamp kit that will allow you to create your own lamp base to perfectly suit your homemade lampshades. Remember to follow all manufacturer’s directions and use only light bulbs specified by the manufacturer.


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Making your own lampshade can be a real rewarding experience for sure! --David

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I learned how to make soft lampshades (the kind with a lining, Victorian shades, etc.) the way professionals do it online. It turned out to be a whole lot easier than I thought it would be.

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