What are Some Ideas for an Engagement Gift?

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You receive news that someone you know has gotten engaged and you want to buy a special gift for them that will acknowledge the happy occasion. Opt for buying a present that both the future bride and groom would take pleasure in. If you are unsure of what present you should give, there are several ideas that you could consider buying for a couple as an engagement gift.

Planning a wedding can be stressful and the couple may have little time to experience relaxation and serene moments. Consider giving them a gift certificate to a spa for a full body massage. It will give them the opportunity to do something that they may not do frequently. In addition you would be giving them an engagement gift that involves a little extra rest and relaxation that chances are they need.

A set of champagne flutes is an engagement gift that the couple may be able to use for special occasions and celebrations. The champagne flutes are not only something that the couple could use at their wedding, but for years after as well. There are places where you can have them personalized to make them a bit more uniquely tailored to the couple.


Another engagement gift idea that you can consider giving is a digital picture frame. After the wedding, the couple will have plenty of pictures that they may want to display. A digital picture frame could give them the option to display their photographs in one space at one time or in a slideshow format.

If you know the couple is the adventurous type, consider giving them a gift certificate to go skydiving. They can take the plunge together from thousands of feet up in the air. If you choose, you may want to pay an additional charge to have the experience videotaped so it will give the couple something to look back on. It’s an engagement gift that is unique and is something that they could remember for a lifetime.

When you are choosing an engagement gift for a couple, you may want to consider choosing one that they will not only enjoy, but can also use or remember long after their wedding has passed. You should keep in mind the tastes and hobbies of the couple as well. The best present that you can give to the couple is one that you put thought into and one that comes from the heart.


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Post 3

SurfNturf- I agree that's a great idea. The gift certificate takes the guessing away and the panic of not finding the right gift.

A wonderful unique engagement gift idea could be to buy a gift certificate for the restaurant that the couple went on their first date. You can easily get this information from either the bride or the groom.

This will also bring back memories of when they first met and will help the couple we connect again. Anything that you can do to replicate what they did on the first date would be a great engagement party gift idea.

Post 2

Subway11- Wow those are nice ideas. I think if you cannot decide on what to get the engaged couple of simple gift certificate to a home furnishings store might be helpful.

This engagement party gift idea is very practical and the couple can pick out something that they need for their new home.

Engagement gift ideas are difficult sometimes to come up with, but if you think in very practical terms you will come up with a great idea.

A wedding engagement gift idea does not have to be expensive. You could buy a gift subscription to a magazine that the couple will like, Better Homes and Garden.

Post 1

I think the best engagement gift would be a nice gift certificate for romantic restaurant. This would give the engaged couple some time alone and rekindle the romance before the hectic planning ensues for their wedding.

Gifts for engagements should be something that the couple can do together. For example, buying cooking classes for the couple is a very romance and idea.

They often receive not only great cooking tips that'll benefit them when they get married, but the chef will also provide a brief education on wine selections.

Engagement gift etiquette really dictates that an engaged couple should not expect to get a gift per se, but if you are close to the couple these are thoughtful gift ideas for the engagement.

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