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VeryVery Diaper Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Absorbent

Tyler Wester
Updated Feb 09, 2024
VeryVery Diaper Product Review

My wife is a part-time influencer, which means that new products show up at my door every week from some company or another. Usually, these are things I’d never use in my day-to-day life, so when a few trial packages of VeryVery’s premium diapers came to the door, I was glad to review something that my family actually needed.

My 6-month-old daughter has been struggling with our current brand of diapers for weeks, and my wife and I were already on the hunt for something better. Specifically, we wanted a diaper that would help my daughter (and us) sleep through the night without worrying about leaks or blowouts. The main goal of my review, then, was to see if VeryVery lived up to its claim of 12-hour protection.

Here’s what I learned.

The Quick and (Not So) Dirty Facts

The Quick and (Not So) Dirty Facts

If you’re stressed, in the middle of a diaper rash-inspired meltdown, or just don’t have the time to sit and read a full review, here are the quick facts about VeryVery diapers.

VeryVery diapers
  • Super soft & breathable
  • 12-hour leak protection (yes, actually)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Convenient delivery
  • More expensive than some other brands
  • Not sold in stores
  • Unusual sizing

VeryVery vs. Other Brands: Two Weeks of Testing

I compared VeryVery to our current brand (Huggies) and another premium brand we were considering (Honest Company). Here’s how they stacked up.

How to Read Scores: Each brand is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 in various categories, with 5 being the highest score possible.

VeryVery Honest Company Huggies
Size and Fit 4 4 4
Absorbency 5 4 3
Blowout Protection 4 3 3
Sensitive Skin 5 4 2
Material Quality 5 4 4
Sustainability 4 3 2
Value for Money 4 4 4
Average Score 4 4 4
Bottom Line For those seeking a luxury diaper, VeryVery delivers. With exceptional comfort and absorbency—all while being eco-conscious—VeryVery is the ultimate choice for discerning parents. Honest Company offers a chic blend of comfort and eco-responsibility. Though it comes with a premium price tag, the brand's commitment to quality and design makes it a top choice for style-conscious parents. Huggies stands as a tried-and-true brand, offering a range of budget-friendly options. While it may not lead in sustainability, its longstanding reputation makes it a solid pick for everyday use.

Fortunately for me, I was already knee-deep in researching new diaper brands before WiseGEEK arranged to send me a VeryVery trial package. This meant that I already knew a thing or two about what was on the market—including what didn’t work for my family. I won’t go through the entire list, but there were a few standout differences I want to call attention to here.

Size and Fit

Size and Fit

All three companies did pretty well with sizing, but I wanted to make a special note about VeryVery. Unlike many brands on the market, which tend to use a standard sizing chart, VeryVery’s sizes were noticeably different.

My daughter is a little bean, so we’ve always run a size down when choosing diapers for her. Even then, we struggled with gaps and chafing around the leg holes. VeryVery’s Size 2 diapers (6-13lbs) fit perfectly, hitting that sweet spot that we just couldn’t find with other brands. That said, I would strongly advise other parents to make sure they’re ordering the right size when buying from VeryVery.

Leak Protection and Absorbency

First off, absorbency simply wasn’t up to snuff with the Huggies we’d been using with our two older children. I don’t know if my daughter is a prodigy, but we found ourselves waking up two, three, or four times a night to handle leaks and wetness issues. Honest Company was definitely better, limiting these wake-up calls to twice a night, but both paled in comparison to VeryVery.

Although I was initially skeptical of their 12-hour protection claims, this promise held true over the two weeks that we used VeryVery. Safe to say, the sleep schedule and mental health of everyone in the house were very much improved.

Price and Value

For the purposes of this review, I received a VeryVery trial pack of Size 2 diapers, which costs $15 and is good for a five-day supply. The trial pack option was one of my favorite aspects of VeryVery (and a practice that other diaper companies should adopt).

With a normal 1-month supply, VeryVery charges $72 for 204 diapers or roughly $0.35 per diaper. This was higher than the Huggies we had previously been using ($0.26 per diaper) but less expensive than the celebrity-backed Honest Company diapers ($0.38 per diaper).

As a parent who already spends half his paycheck on his kids, the jump from Huggies to a premium brand definitely gave me pause. That said, the increase in my baby’s comfort and the hours of extra sleep I got each night more than made up for the extra couple of cents per diaper.


Over the past few years, it seems like every company has begun clamoring to convince us that their product is more “eco-friendly” than that of their competitors. Sometimes this is true, but it’s so often untrue that I’ve begun to see over-the-top “green” advertising as a clear red flag.

Despite my skepticism, I’m happy to report that VeryVery genuinely seems to live up to its eco-friendly claims. First, VeryVery diapers are made in New Zealand, not in China, like so many of the big brands. The company’s manufacturing process starts with renewable energy sources, then combines a minimal amount of recycled plastic (unavoidable if you want actual leak protection) with FSC-certified pulp and non-GMO cotton.

All told, this makes for a considerably cleaner, more sustainable product, and one that I felt much more comfortable having in contact with my baby’s skin for hours upon hours each day.

Everything You Need to Know About VeryVery Diapers

Everything You Need to Know About VeryVery Diapers

I’m an IT guy and systems engineer, which means that I love breaking things apart, cutting them open, and seeing how they’re built. I applied that same technical mindset when reviewing VeryVery’s diapers, and here’s what I found.


On many of its ads and web pages, VeryVery likes to use the term “cashmere-soft” when describing its diapers. At first, I thought this would turn out to just be a cute bit of branding, but these things are soft.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Very Very diapers are softer than anything else I’ve come across, even the big brands. This is especially impressive considering that they also feature eco-friendly materials. VeryVery diapers are made from a cashmere-soft cotton blend with pulp from FSC-certified forest sources. Admittedly, they do contain some plastic, as this is essential for absorbency, but I was pleased to find out that this comes from recycled plastic bags, thus further minimizing their environmental impact. 


VeryVery diapers are designed to last for 12 hours, and this is mostly thanks to their ultra-absorbent core. During my tests, I cut one of these diapers open to see exactly what that entails. I was surprised to find that, despite their low-profile look and lack of bulk, VeryVery’s diapers had more layers of material than any other diaper I’ve seen.

I’m not sure if it’s due to the eco-friendly materials or the way they’re built, but VeryVery has managed to pack more high-quality materials into their diaper than I could have reasonably expected. The diapers are great at wicking away moisture, which means they keep your baby’s skin dry for hours on end.

In terms of construction, VeryVery meets my expectations for a premium diaper. They’re durable and well-made with secure closures and elasticated legs and waist areas, so I’ve never had any issues with their diapers tearing or ripping during changes or particularly active days.

Hypoallergenic and Skin-Friendly

Hypoallergenic and Skin-Friendly

Babies spend so much of their lives wearing diapers that they need to be gentle without any harsh chemicals or dyes. VeryVery makes good on this promise with hypoallergenic diapers that are free from fragrances, lotions, chlorine, and latex. 

It’s also worth noting that we’ve hardly had any issues with diaper rash after switching to VeryVery. I can only assume this is because she is staying much drier than with our previous brand. These diapers are also designed to be particularly breathable, allowing for maximum air circulation, which is a must in the summer. 

Design and Aesthetics

In terms of design, VeryVery diapers look pretty similar to other premium diapers on the market. I confess that the aesthetics of a diaper are not something I put as much stock into, but VeryVery’s print is cute and neutral, unlike some of the more garish patterns I’ve seen on other diaper brands.

So, Is VeryVery Worth It?

Making the switch to a new diaper brand is a personal decision that almost every parent will have to make at some point—and not something I feel comfortable giving a black-and-white recommendation on.

Depending on your baby, lifestyle, and values, the “best” diaper for you could be radically different from the “best” diaper for me. That said, this reviewing experience made it clear that VeryVery’s are the best diapers my family has tried, and I’ll continue buying after this test.

Most importantly, they live up to their claim of 12-hour leak protection. Even if VeryVery were average in every other way, this alone would likely be enough for me to switch. When you add in their excellent construction, high-end materials, and (verified) eco-friendly manufacturing process, the decision becomes crystal clear.

Frequently Asked Questions 

These are some of the most common consumer questions I found in my research on VeryVery diapers.

What sizes are VeryVery diapers available in?

VeryVery diapers are available in five sizes, from newborn (under 11 pounds) up to toddler (24 to 37 pounds), so they should be suitable from birth through potty training. 

Where can I buy VeryVery diapers?

VeryVery diapers are not sold in stores, but they can be purchased through the company’s official website

How much do VeryVery diapers cost?

There are a few different options for buying these premium diapers. You can buy a trial pack for $15, which lasts for five days, or six packs for $72, which should last around a month. The number of diapers per pack varies depending on size—Size 1 has 36 per pack, while Size 5 has 24 per pack. All orders also come with free shipping.

What materials are used to make VeryVery disposable diapers?

VeryVery diapers are made with sustainable cotton, biodegradable pulp from FSC-certified sources, and recycled plastic. 

Tyler Wester
By Tyler Wester
Tyler is a software developer, cybersecurity specialist, and dedicated dad of three. In his free time, he enjoys photography, reading, and testing out new products with his wife.
Tyler Wester
Tyler Wester
Tyler is a software developer, cybersecurity specialist, and dedicated dad of three. In his free time, he enjoys photography, reading, and testing out new products with his wife.
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