WiseGeek’s “Wisest Buys” Awards: Top 3 Knife Sharpeners of 2021

L. S. Wynn

When it comes to comparing options for making an important purchase, the sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming. With hundreds of conflicting Amazon reviews for every product and review websites that offer competing advice about which products actually work, it can feel like an uphill battle to find reliable information on which to base your purchase decision.

Here at WiseGeek, we’d like to make this process a little easier by presenting our annual Wisest Buys Awards. Each year, we select our favorite products in a number of popular categories.

Our team of reviewers has tested the most popular knife sharpeners, coming to our own conclusions about which product is the absolute best for your kitchen.

To decide on our award winner in the knife sharpeners category, we considered the following criteria:

  • Easy for beginners to use
  • Includes safety features
  • Precise sharpening angle
  • Works quickly on all knives
  • Won’t scratch or damage knives

2021 Wisest Buy Award Winner: Best Knife Sharpener

#1 RazorSharp Knife Sharpener

RazorSharp Knife Sharpener


Top features:

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Adjustable sharpening angle
  • Puts a sharp blade on any knife

After trying out over a dozen different knife sharpeners of varying size, price, and design, this category had a clear winner: the RazorSharp Knife Sharpener. This knife sharpener exceeded our expectations in almost every way. It was incredibly easy for a beginner to use, even with absolutely no sharpening experience. The RazorSharp is intuitively designed, with an easy-to-use knob that allows you to precisely adjust the sharpening angle; very few manual knife sharpeners seem to have this helpful feature.

The angle adjustment knob allows you to use the RazorSharp on literally any knife, from sport knives and cleavers to Asian and western kitchen knives and even fillet knives. Not only does it have a tungsten carbide sharpening stage, but it also has diamond-coated polishing tips for honing blades to their sharpest possible edge. There’s even a stage specifically designed for sharpening scissors.

To test this product, we tried sharpening many different knives, ranging from cheap, dull blades to an expensive chef’s set. In only about a dozen strokes, the RazorSharp put a sharp edge on all of these knives, without shaving off a noticeable amount of metal. The RazorSharp never scratched or damaged any of the blades.

The RazorSharp is a very sturdy product, with a comfortable handle and a no-slip rubber grip underneath. Unlike many knife sharpeners, it doesn’t move as you pull your knives through it, and your fingers are kept a safe distance away at all times. It’s a good size for storing in a kitchen drawer or leaving on your countertop.


Other Knife Sharpeners We Like:

#2 Brod & Taylor

Brod & Taylor


Top features:

  • Spring-action bars adjust to knife angle
  • Very cool appearance
  • Perfect for knife enthusiasts

The Brod & Taylor knife sharpener is a cool-looking gadget that experienced knife enthusiasts may want to add to their kitchen. Although it’s significantly more expensive than many of the other sharpeners we tried, it could be a good investment if you are serious about your kitchen knives – and you really know how to use it. The Brod & Taylor has a single tungsten carbide stage for sharpening and honing, and uses spring-action bars to automatically adjust to the bevel of your knife. It’s very effective at putting a sharp edge on even the dullest knives. However, knife sharpening novices should be careful, as the Brod & Taylor may take off too much metal from your blade if you’re not used to how much pressure to apply.


#3 PriorityChef



Top features:

  • Works well for the price
  • Separate “coarse” and “fine” stages
  • Safe for novices and even older children

If you don’t want to spend much money on a knife sharpener, the PriorityChef is a decent budget choice. Although it won’t put the same quality of edge on your knives as a more professional tool, you can still use it to effectively sharpen cheap kitchen knives, as long as you aren’t too worried about their longevity. It’s very easy to use, with a “coarse” stage for sharpening and a “fine” stage for honing, although it can take a little while to actually make your knives sharp. One of the best things about the PriorityChef is that it has a sturdy grip and base. It feels safe enough that even older children and teenagers would be able to use it without any danger or difficulty.