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Keto Cycle Review: in-Depth Analysis & Honest Verdict [Updated]

Editorial Team
Updated Jun 04, 2024

Before I started the keto diet to lose weight, the first advice I received was to find an excellent keto diet app. Initially skeptical, I wondered why I needed one to successfully chart my progress. But once I started the diet, I realized its value in tracking macros, meal planning, and ensuring I stayed on course to meet my weight loss goals. Eventually, I landed on the one that met all of my needs: Keto Cycle. This Keto Cycle review details my experience and why I recommend it to others.

Keto Cycle At A Glance

After using the Keto Cycle app for a couple of weeks, I'm most impressed with the personalized meal plans, ease of use, and affordability. While I consider myself nutrition-focused and educated on general dieting practices, it still walks me through every step of the process. It ensures I'm set up for success, making it an ideal app for beginners and experts alike. 


  • Affordable plans from $2.54 to $3.81/week
  • The meal plans consider the user's preferred ingredients and available time
  • Takes seconds to log food and water intake 
  • Tracks ketone levels, weight progress, and daily activity
  • Offers motivational tips, advice, and educational guides


  • Customer service responses can take time
  • The base subscription doesn't include a workout plan

Bottom Line: Based on my experience, I recommend Keto Cycle to anyone looking for a companion to track their keto progress. It makes it far easier than if you were to do it alone and helps spruce up daily meals with creative recipes. As a plus, it comes with a built-in grocery store checklist to simplify weekly meal planning. 

What is Keto Cycle?

keto cycle review

Keto Cycle is a ketogenic diet app designed to help users throughout the entire keto journey, whether with weight loss or to build healthier lifestyles. It tracks daily calorie intake, offers customized meal plans, and monitors long-term progress. The Keto Cycle app has several tools that keto dieters need to stick to their diet day after day. Users can also access a private community with over 20,000 members to share or find success stories, delicious recipes, and advice. 

How Does the Keto Cycle App Work?

The Keto Cycle App revolves around the personalized meal plan with proper macro counts. But before I could access mine, I first filled out Keto Cycle's assessment, which asked a series of questions about my body measurements, food preferences, dietary restrictions, and familiarity with the keto diet.

How Does the Keto Cycle App Work?
Keto Measurements

After completing the survey, Keto Cycle used this information to create my personalized keto meal plan with daily recipe recommendations. I could choose between a two-, four-, and six-month subscription plan. At the time of my purchase, the prices ranged from $3.81 weekly for the two-month plan to $2.54 weekly for the six-month plan. However, the prices can change due to seasonal discounts. 

Once I paid, I could access my Keto Cycle plan and nutrition goals in the app. And after using it for several weeks, I'm ready to share how it works and what you can expect if you decide to try it.

Daily Meal Recommendations

After signing up and paying for the subscription, I could access my personalized meal plan in the Keto Cycle app within a few minutes. It includes: 

  • An overview of what I should eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Strategies and tips for sticking to the keto diet, including keto snacks and desserts
  • Easy-to-follow, tasty, and simple keto recipes
  • A customizable grocery list 
  • Access to a keto diet guide for beginners

Each meal considers my target nutrition goals and ensures I get adequate protein, fat, and carbs. I also like how my meal plan avoids the ingredients I specified in the assessment and suits my available time to prepare and cook.

Most importantly, the recipes aren't dull or flavorless like you might expect in an intensive diet. I've made pancakes, baked chicken with mozzarella, and even pork chops. Some contain unique ingredients I don't have, like psyllium husk powder for the pancakes, but for the most part use readily available, household ingredients. 

I've tried to incorporate at least two meals from Keto Cycle into my diet per day, and it's helped break up the monotony I've often experienced in the past while dieting. I get tired of the same healthy meals I've learned to make, so this gives me a way to change my daily flavors while meeting my nutrition goals. 

Nutrition Tracking

Based on my target weight goal, current body measurements, and physical activity, Keto Cycle calculated my ideal calorie intake and macro ranges for the duration of my diet. I can view these guidelines in the app and input my meals and water consumption to ensure I stay within range. I can either select one of the recommended recipes, use the barcode scanner, input my own meal, or pick which restaurant menu item I ordered to track my nutritional intake.

It only takes a few seconds to launch the Keto Cycle app and punch in my updates, which has been a plus for when I'm on the go and can't spend much time tracking my metrics. Additionally, its nutritional database seems accurate; I've yet to manually change the nutritional values for individual meals or snacks I've inputted. However, the "eating out" or restaurant nutrition input feature appears to only work for larger chains, as none of the local restaurants in my area have worked. 

Progress Updates

As I've continued to use Keto Cycle, it updates my overall progress as I input my daily nutritional information, weight entries, and ketone levels. It also supports activity tracking if you log your daily steps. I've enjoyed viewing my progress to remind myself of why I'm doing keto in the first place. The weekly graphs remind me of what I've achieved and ensure I stay on track, which has helped me find encouragement when I don't always see the results I want. 

Paid Resources

In addition to all the features I've discussed, Keto Cycle offers several paid add-ons for interested users. These include: 

  • Staple recipes of keto 2.0: This $14.99 e-book ($26.99 after my limited 14-day offer expires) has over 50 keto 2.0 recipes, also known as the "light version" of a regular keto diet. 
  • Extended 36-month access: Keto Cycle members who want a backup plan in case they revisit the keto diet can get long-term access for $64.99. 
  • Guilt-free keto desserts: Similar to the keto 2.0 recipes, this e-book contains 30 keto-friendly dessert recipes for $9.99. 
  • One-on-one nutritionist coaching: For $29.99 ($299.99 after the 14-day limited offer expires), members can reach out to Keto Cycle nutritionists via email whenever they need and receive personalized advice within three business days. 
  • Personalized workout regimen: Keto Cycle offers a custom workout plan with at-home exercises tailored to each member's needs for $14.99. 

My main reason for trying Keto Cycle was to get help with macro tracking and meal planning, so I have yet to try any extra features. Still, it's nice to know I can access a nutritionist for an affordable price if I have specific questions related to my diet. And if I didn't already have a workout routine and gym membership, I'd try the personalized workout program to exercise at home. 

My Favorite Keto Cycle Features

My Favorite Keto Cycle Features

Overall, I've had an excellent experience with Keto Cycle. It's affordable, consistent, and helps me manage the complexities of nutrition tracking. Below, I dive into the top features that made me stick with Keto Cycle. 

Keto Cycle's Diet Guide for Beginners

Keto Cycle's complete guide for beginners seemed like a gimmick initially, but they clearly put in the effort to make it a comprehensive tool for anyone trying the keto diet. It covers the benefits of the keto diet, how to start it and balance macronutrients, food and drink rationing, and valuable tips. 

Even though I've dieted before, I found reading this guide helpful and learning more about the intricacies of the keto diet. It taught me a few new things I hadn't realized before, such as how electrolytes and sodium can help prevent or relieve symptoms of the "keto flu," the body's process of expelling sugars, high carbs, and processed foods. 

My Personalized Keto Cycle Meal Plan

One of the biggest highlights of the Keto Cycle app's program is its customized meal plan. Before I was on a keto plan tailored for me, I wasn't experiencing the desired effects I wanted from this diet. Now, I can confidently eat three meals and a couple of snacks daily, knowing I am consuming the amount of food I need to reach my health goals. 

Once I finalize my recipes for the week, Keto Cycle breaks down the ingredients into an organized shopping list. This has been extremely helpful for meal planning and prepping ahead of time, ensuring I'm set up for the week. 

Private Community

Keto Cycle's private community is a source of information and inspiration. Made up of over 20,000 people, members of this keto community are constantly sharing tasty keto recipes and success stories. This community's encouragement has been a source of inspiration during difficult days and motivated me to keep going.

As someone who doesn't know many other people on the keto diet, this private community doubled as an educational resource. The community is a great place to consult if you have any questions or concerns about the diet. Nutritionists might even occasionally host Q&A sessions for members to take advantage of.

Keto Cycle vs Other Keto Diet Apps

Keto Cycle has given me no reason to switch to another keto diet app. Still, it's worth taking a look at how it compares to others. 

Total Keto Diet

Created by Tasteoholics, Total Keto Diet is known for its shopping list creation tool. This app can find hundreds of keto recipes and track their macros. Regarding their keto recipes, Total Keto Diet abides by three rules. This app will keep your net carb count under 25 grams daily, help you increase your protein intake to 60 grams daily, and provide you with satiating and delicious recipes. If you try a recipe that you love, you also have the option to add it as a favorite. Other key features of this app include:

  • Keto calculator
  • Macro tracker
  • Food database
  • Beginner's keto guide 

If you choose to opt for this app, there are a few things you should be aware of before you subscribe. Some of the cons of the Total Keto Diet app include:

  • Relatively small food database (less than one million foods)
  • Poor app functionality every once in a while
  • Inaccurate bar code scanner

Carb Manager

Carb Manager is known for its numerous tracking devices. Users can log all the basic things crucial to the keto diet, such as total carbs, net carbs, fats, ketones, blood glucose, and more. But users can also track other lifestyle factors such as water intake, exercise, and body weight. Regarding logging your foods, Carb Manager also has more than one option. Whether you would prefer to log food by taking photos, using a barcode scanner, or using voice commands, Carb Manager has got you covered. Other key features of this app include:

  • Recipe library
  • Shopping lists
  • Community platform
  • Educational guides

If you choose to opt for this app, there are a few things you should be aware of before you do so. Some of the cons of the Carb Manager app include:

  • Relatively smaller food database
  • Other users input nutrient data, and it is occasionally inaccurate
  • Finnicky barcode scanner 

Both these apps offer useful features, but Keto Cycle is hard to beat when it comes to ease of use and accuracy. Still, they may be worth trying if you aren't satisfied with your current dieting app. 

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

A ketogenic diet, also known as a keto diet, is an eating plan that revolves around eating a few high-carb foods and plenty of healthy fats and protein. This diet works by depleting the body of carbohydrates, so it essentially runs out of blood sugar and fuel for energy. However, when your body no longer has any glucose to turn into energy, a process called ketosis occurs. Ketosis is a state in which the body burns fats instead of carbohydrates as its primary energy source, potentially assisting with weight loss and other health goals. 

Is the Ketogenic Diet Safe?

For most people without serious medical conditions, following a keto diet is safe if done properly. According to UChicago Medicine, the keto diet may cause low blood pressure, kidney stones, nutrient deficiencies, and other side effects. Anyone on diabetic medication that causes low blood sugar may also need to adjust their dosage. If you are worried about your health or have a specific medical condition that can interact with the keto diet, consult a doctor before starting. 

How Do You Start a Ketogenic Diet?

Before beginning the keto diet, you need to figure out what your daily meal plan will be. Your daily meal plan will not just involve cutting out carbohydrates from your diet. You need to consume a very particular amount of protein, healthy fats, and carbs daily. Apps like Keto Cycle can provide you with that meal plan and help you figure out how to stick to that plan long-term. 

Once you begin following your meal plan, your body should take two to four days to enter ketosis. However, it may take longer depending on factors such as physical exercise, age, and metabolism.

What are the Benefits of Ketosis?

Keto Cycle app review

I initially began using the Keto Cycle app to start losing weight. While Keto Cycle helps users with weight loss, this diet plan has other health benefits.

Helps Curb Appetites 

One of the worst parts about dieting is feeling constantly hungry. Ironically, being on the keto diet tends to have the opposite effect. One of the most immediate effects of the keto diet is that you won't feel as hungry as often. Research has linked ketosis with a decrease in appetite and ghrelin, sometimes referred to as the "hunger hormone." Reducing your appetite is one of the ways the keto diet helps individuals lose weight. Individuals eat far fewer calories by consuming fewer carbs and more protein and fat. 

May Lower the Risk of Certain Health Conditions

High blood pressure is a significant concern, often leading to severe health complications. With its low-carb nature, the ketogenic diet has been shown to help with blood pressure, which can lead to a decrease in several associated diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. 

Moreover, for those with diabetes or insulin resistance, the keto diet may be particularly helpful. By eliminating carbs and high-sugar foods, blood and insulin levels may see a noticeable drop. In fact, studies have shown that some individuals with diabetes who adopted the keto diet have reduced their insulin dosage by up to 50%, although it's worth noting these effects seem to be limited in time. 

However, it's essential to consult a healthcare professional before starting the keto diet, as they can provide accurate insights into the effects and adjust medications if needed. 

Supports Heart Health 

A diet low in carbohydrates may lead to reduced levels of triglycerides, fat molecules that are a well-known risk factor for heart disease. The keto diet may increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels, helping to reduce other forms of cholesterol and potentially lowering the risk of heart ailments. Additionally, reducing blood sugar levels and insulin may have positive effects on heart health, making the ketogenic diet a possible approach to cardiovascular well-being.

Keto-Friendly Dieting Tips

From my experience, the keto diet isn't as intolerable as some other popular ones. Still, it takes discipline and accuracy to follow the keto diet effectively. Here are some tips to help you get started: 

Prioritize Nutritional Fats and Lean Protein

The keto diet is a high-fat diet, so you need to ensure you get enough fat. You should aim for at least 60% of your calories from fat. Lean protein is also vital for the keto diet because it helps you feel full and gives your body the amino acids needed to build muscle. You should aim for at least 30% of your calories from protein. Aim to eat clean proteins like wild-caught fish, grass-fed beef, and organic chicken. Avoid processed meats like deli meat and sausage.

Limit Your Carbohydrate Intake

The keto diet is low-carbohydrate, so you must limit your carbohydrate intake. You should aim for less than 50 grams of carbohydrates daily or based on what Keto Cycle recommends. Try to incorporate vegetables, as they are excellent sources of fiber and nutrients.  

Drink Plenty of Water

The keto diet can lead to dehydration if you're not careful. This happens because it's a type of diet where the intake of sodium is reduced, and sodium helps the body retain water. You should aim for 64 ounces or more of water per day. 

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential in the keto diet because it allows your body to recover from workouts and repair muscle tissue. It also helps regulate hormones. While the amount of rest each individual needs differs, aim for at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

Be Prepared for the Keto Flu

The keto flu is a real thing. It is a period (usually a few days to a week) when your body adjusts to the new diet. You may experience fatigue, headaches, and brain fog. If this occurs, balance your diet with additional electrolytes and sodium. 

Supplement Your Diet

Supplements that can help you with the keto diet include MCT oil, magnesium, and exogenous ketones. They work by helping you get into ketosis faster and provide energy when your body adjusts to the new diet. But to be safe, always consult a medical professional to determine what's best for your body and a healthy diet.

What does the Keto Cycle plan comprise of?

Every user who subscribes to Keto Cycle will receive a personalized meal plan. Each meal plan includes: 

  • An overview of what individuals should be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Strategies and tips to stick to the keto diet, including keto snacks and desserts to treat yourself with
  • Easy-to-follow, tasty, and simple keto recipes that keep you full and energized
  • A customizable grocery list 
  • 24/7 nutritionist advice and support
  • Access to a keto diet guide for beginners

Final Verdict: Why I Recommend Keto Cycle

Navigating the keto diet for the first time has its challenges, and I highly recommend using a reliable diet app to ensure you formulate the right nutrition plan. Based on my experience, Keto Cycle is the all-inclusive app for this journey, offering creative keto-friendly recipes, personalized nutrition tracking, and a thriving private community. 

For keto newcomers, it's like having a friendly assistant guiding you each step of the way. Its comprehensive beginner's guide ensures you transition smoothly and understand how the diet works. And, of course, the personalized nutrition plan instructs you exactly what to make and how to balance your daily macronutrients. But even for seasoned keto enthusiasts seeking a diet app, I would still recommend using Keto Cycle since it comes with useful tools like grocery lists and recipe guides to streamline your journey. 

Regardless of which app you choose, I hope my Keto Cycle app review provided valuable insights and makes your purchase decision easier. If you're ready to get started, head to Keto Cycle and take the assessment to build your personalized meal plan. I wish you luck and hope you reach your health goals! 

Editorial Team
By Editorial Team
Our Editorial Team, made up of seasoned professionals, prioritizes accuracy and quality in every piece of content. With years of experience in journalism and publishing, we work diligently to deliver reliable and well-researched content to our readers.
Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Our Editorial Team, made up of seasoned professionals, prioritizes accuracy and quality in every piece of content. With years of experience in journalism and publishing, we work diligently to deliver reliable and well-researched content to our readers.
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