How can I Prepare to Host a Bachelor Party?

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When you prepare to host a bachelor party, you will surely find that it is an exciting honor, but also a tremendous amount of pressure. After all, the groom will expect his bachelor party to be a legendary event that marks his passage from bachelorhood to married life. There are many different ways to host a bachelor party, so the most important thing is to know your groom – his likes and dislikes. Catering to the groom’s preferences in order to ensure a great time is your number one priority.

Traditionally, a bachelor party was associated with heavy drinking, an outing to an exotic club or hiring private dancers the night before the wedding day. This still makes for a great time if it is what the groom has in mind, but it is a good idea not to host such a bachelor party the night before the wedding. Heavy drinking or late night partying is sure to make the next day far less pleasant for both the bride and the groom.


If the groom is not interested in the lascivious type of bachelor party, as many modern day men are not, there are countless other ways to host a bachelor party. If the groom enjoys sports, host a bachelor party at his favorite sports arena or stadium in a private box with his closest buddies. Other interests of the groom can inspire you to host a bachelor party in sync with his passions, for example, camping or fishing trips, hiking, gambling, or skydiving.

Another great way to host a bachelor party is a night of bar hopping. Begin with dinner at a nice restaurant, followed by a limousine rented for several hours to enhance the event. No bachelor party is complete without gag gifts for the groom and bachelor party activities to embarrass him, a sure way to bring lots of laughs throughout the evening. You can find these props at your local party supply store or easily on the Internet. For this kind of party, anything goes - just remember to have some kind of designated driver so that no one risks drinking and driving.

An exciting way to host a bachelor party is to create a several day trip for the bachelor and a few buddies. Cross country road trips, long weekend trips to big cities and even international trips are always unforgettable. For these kinds of parties, as well as others that are not held in the host’s home, guests should pay for themselves and chip in to cover the groom’s expenses.


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Post 2

Here’s a clean fun idea for a bachelor party. When people start arriving, give each guest an old key. Make sure everyone has one but the groom. Don’t let the groom see you pass out the keys. At any point during the night, stand up and give a speech. Make a comment about how the bride has clearly made her choice and for whoever still has a key to her apartment, turn it in now. Hold up a bowl and everyone will come forward and start placing their keys into the bowl.

It has a great comedic effect.

Post 1

It’s always a good idea to consult the groom before making any definite plans for a bachelor party. There are many grooms that end up not getting married because of bachelor parties gone wrong.

Icebreaker games are a great way to start the evening off if there are people there that may not know one another. You could include drinking games if the groom is okay with that. Always have respect for the morals and/or values that the groom has.

It's very helpful to know things that the groom might be offended by when planning a bachelor party.

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