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Has Apple Inc. Always Been a Trendsetter?

Apple Inc. is famous around the world for being an innovative tech giant. The iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods are just a few of the wildly successful technological wonders associated with the brand. However, just because Apple has a reputation for ingenious innovation doesn't mean the company hasn't made a few marketing missteps. One such commercial blunder took place in 1986, when Apple released its own (unsuccessful) clothing line, featuring bright patterns, popped collars, oversized sweatshirts, and, of course, the Apple logo.

During Steve Jobs’ hiatus from the company, Apple launched an entire clothing line for men, women, and children called “The Apple Collection.” And it didn’t stop there. “The Apple Collection” also featured necklaces, brooches, backpacks, sticky notes, sunglasses, beach towels, umbrellas, binders, coffee mugs, and wine glasses. It even included toys and a surfboard that cost $1,100. The collection was a failure. Potential customers considered it obnoxious and cheesy, with cringe-worthy and laughable catalog write-ups.

The Apple look:

  • Apple paired with Patagonia and The North Face to produce poly/cotton vests and button-up shirts for “The Apple Collection."

  • In 2015, Drake spoke during a presentation for Apple Music wearing a vintage Apple jacket. As a result, searches on eBay for vintage Apple gear soared.

  • Perhaps the most famous fashion statement associated with Apple was Steve Jobs' own pseudo-uniform – a black Issey Miyake mock turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers. It was pretty much as different from "The Apple Collection" as possible.

  • While there has never been an official uniform for corporate employees at Apple, Jobs did try to establish one in the 2000s after taking a business trip to Japan and being impressed by the uniforms worn by employees at a manufacturing facility. The idea was not well-received, and Jobs was booed off the stage for his suggestions. Going by Apple’s previous attempt at a clothing line, maybe this was a good thing.

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    • In 1986, Apple released its own (unsuccessful) clothing line, with bright patterns, popped collars, and oversized sweatshirts.
      In 1986, Apple released its own (unsuccessful) clothing line, with bright patterns, popped collars, and oversized sweatshirts.