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Top Nutrition Coaching Review - An Honest Review [2024]

Editorial Team
Updated Jan 28, 2024

Let’s be honest, so far the 2020s have been kind of a drag. Would you agree? Many of us have really tried to keep a chin-up attitude about things, but I think it’s pretty safe to say we’ve all struggled during the pandemic in one way or another.

For me? One of my most difficult struggles the last 2 years or so has been my weight.

I’ve tried all sorts of different programs, diets, and fitness apps in hopes to lose those extra pounds. But frankly, I was pretty disappointed with everything I tried until I came across Top Nutrition Coaching. Top Nutrition Coaching is the new best diet program out there. Why? Because it’s not a “diet.” It’s basically one-on-one nutrition coaching. Specific to what each individual client needs. Pretty cool, right?

In this article, I’ll share my personal experience working with Top Nutrition Coaching. I’ll give you the rundown of what the coaching was like for me, the pros and cons, and my personal results.

But first, a little backstory…

About a month ago, before I started working with Top Nutrition Coaching, I was feeling pretty lousy.

With the onset of the Covid pandemic, I started spending a lot more time at home, sitting down. My job transitioned to a telework position. My workload had increased as several people left the company I work for. And because I’m usually at home all day and quite busy with work, my visits to the gym weren’t as often either.

My diet had gone downhill, too. I had little time to cook, so I’d been ordering takeout more frequently. But of course, whenever I did eat at home, it tended to be quick “convenience” foods—which we all know is usually code for “unhealthy.”

All in all, I was feeling pretty defeated with the changes happening in my routine and in my body. I’m 29 years old—still young enough that I should feel energetic and healthy. But instead, I had gained 25 pounds since February 2019.

The thing is, I had tried to get the weight off. During the last couple years, I’ve tried out the keto diet, paleo diet, and a smoothie cleanse. Surprisingly and unfortunately, I only saw more weight gain after each diet failed. Each one felt very unsustainable for me—not the kind of thing I could consistently implement throughout my life.

I knew I needed something different. Something sustainable. I needed to learn how to change my habits in a way that I could maintain for the foreseeable future.

So I began my search…

I heard about Top Nutrition Coaching from a friend who was getting their help to manage her diabetes. She mentioned that they coach people in multiple areas of wellness—weight loss, GI problems, pregnancy diet, athletic training, and even pediatric nutrition. How awesome is that? Every other health program out there seems to be all about weight loss and/or fitness, and that’s it. Needless to say, that kind of well-roundedness piqued my interest.

What is Top Nutrition Coaching?

topnutritioncoaching.com review

So I visited their website and learned that Top Nutrition Coaching is a place to connect with some of the best experts in dietetics. They’re matched to clients who need their nutrition expertise to solve health problems or reach goals. According to the homepage, they only list the top 3% of nutritionists and dietitians as their coaches. Impressive. And the coaches have expertise in a wide variety of nutrition challenges, as well.

Matching with a nutritionist

I completed the assessment quiz on the website, after which I was invited to book a 20-minute call with the service’s matching specialist. I scheduled a call and discussed my personal goals and struggles with them. Basically, the phone consultation went into more detail from all my assessment answers so they could get a better picture of what I really needed help with. I was then matched with a registered dietitian who specializes in weight loss and started my free 2-week trial.

Then we got to work…

At first, I thought I was looking for the next thing to try that would provide supplements or shakes to help lose the weight for good. But after working with my coach, I learned that these types of diet aids generally aren’t very helpful in creating lasting change.

Instead, we looked at my current lifestyle and preferences and found ways to improve that felt realistic and doable. We never cut out entire food groups like so many other diet programs out there. I learned about the necessity of balance and moderation. I can build my diet upon healthier foods. Aaaand still work in the occasional splurge without having to beat myself up about it.

My coach helped me plan meals that work with my hectic schedule and unique goals. She even created grocery lists for me to shop from, based on the meal plans. How awesome is that? It was super convenient. Not to mention the fact that it removed one of my biggest stumbling blocks—the assortment of tempting junk foods that line the grocery store aisles.

I was also given plenty of helpful resources to guide me through my process of forming healthier eating habits.

After my 2-week trial, I was feeling good about the results I was seeing and I wasn’t quite ready to take off on my own yet. I still had some weight loss goals I wanted to achieve and I was finally feeling like I could maybe reach them with Top Nutrition Coaching’s help. So I decided to continue the program. In total, I worked with my coach for about a month before I felt satisfied with what I had achieved with my new weight, new habits, and improved energy levels.

What’s included in Top Nutrition Coaching’s program?

Top Nutrition Coaching plans

An important point to keep in mind here is that each plan is totally customized to the client, which is pretty cool—and unique from most other programs out there. I Worked with my assigned coach to determine the best course of action for me and what I wanted to incorporate.

That said, here are some of the options that might be included in your plan:

  • Food prep automated as much as you’d like - Top Nutrition Coaching can create meal plans, draw up grocery lists, order groceries on your behalf, or even hire someone to cook for you, if you want.
  • An eating routine designed for you - If you’re into fitness, Top Nutrition Coaching can arrange an eating schedule around your workouts or events. Or if you have a unique work or school schedule, they can help you plan around that, too.
  • Weekly check-ins and goal setting - If you choose to, you can check in with your coach weekly to evaluate your progress and goals. You can even have 24/7 support on a texting basis to answer all your random questions that come up in the middle of the night.
  • Resources and content - Your coach can share valuable information and resources to help you in your health goals—so you can be independently knowledgeable and in total control of your own choices.
  • Home blood lab testing - If you want, Top Nutrition Coaching can even send blood lab tests for you to complete at home.You can measure your levels of vitamins, hormones, lipids, and cortisol, and then you and your coach can address any issues that may show up.

Pros & Cons


  • A generous 2-week free trial
  • One-on-one guidance from a coach matched to you
  • 24/7 support available
  • Coaches have expertise in a variety of health goals
  • Target the root cause of the problem, not just a quick fix
  • Goals customized to fit your schedule and preferences
  • Satisfaction guarantee—if you’re not satisfied, you’ll be refunded, no questions asked


  • After 2 weeks, Top Nutrition Coaching’s program is not free (but for me, this gives me more accountability and motivation). It is also affordable compared to other programs that are often less personalized
  • It’s something new, and starting a new, different program may feel intimidating or overwhelming
  • Top Nutrition Coaching is not available in a phone app form, which would be pretty convenient

The results are in…

Over the last 30 days, I lost about 8 pounds. Not bad, right?! I’m thrilled about what I’ve accomplished. I never had to starve myself or feel deprived, but I still shed some pounds at a good, healthy pace. And feeling pretty proud about it, too.

I’m almost halfway to my goal of losing those 25 pounds I’ve gained in the last 2.5 years. I’ve decided to continue working with Top Nutrition Coaching—there’s no reason to stop now! I’ve got momentum, I’m learning helpful tips, forming better habits, and have an accountability coach to keep me motivated. I’m not sure whether I’ll keep working with them once I lose the total 25 pounds, but I’ll definitely keep implementing everything I’ve learned in hopes to maintain my healthier weight and lifestyle.


From my experience with Top Nutrition Coaching, I learned that healthy living is not about dieting up and down or finding a “quick fix.” It’s about implementing lifelong habits that can easily be sustained and feel good. It’s not always about losing weight fast. It’s about working toward a healthier you.

If you’re wondering if this will work for you, the answer is most likely a “yes.” Top Nutrition Coaching works with people of all health histories and goals. They’re not just about weight loss. They’re all about helping you achieve general wellbeing, whatever that means for you.

The bottom line is Top Nutrition Coaching’s nutrition coaching is an extremely effective program that’s personalized to your specific needs—focused on sustainable change that’s realistic to continue in your daily life.

Editorial Team
By Editorial Team
Our Editorial Team, made up of seasoned professionals, prioritizes accuracy and quality in every piece of content. With years of experience in journalism and publishing, we work diligently to deliver reliable and well-researched content to our readers.
Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Our Editorial Team, made up of seasoned professionals, prioritizes accuracy and quality in every piece of content. With years of experience in journalism and publishing, we work diligently to deliver reliable and well-researched content to our readers.
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