Best Places to Buy Lab-Grown Diamond Rings

Purchasing an exquisite ring may not be as expensive as you think. In recent years, lab-grown diamonds have been soaring in popularity and declining in price.

Lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds, last just as long, and can be set in any piece of jewelry – but at a significantly more affordable price. And perhaps most compellingly, they can be created in labs using renewable energy without any of the negative consequences of the mining industry, such as unfair labor practices, environmental degradation, and pollution. 

Numerous well-known retailers specialize in lab-grown diamond rings and offer various sizes, styles, colors, and cuts. Here are some of the best places to buy lab-grown diamond rings. The high-quality lab-grown diamonds they offer are just as beautiful and brilliant as any natural diamond – and you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised at what you can afford when you consider a lab-grown diamond ring.

James Allen

Although James Allen was founded relatively recently, in 2006, it has quickly grown to be the world’s largest privately held online diamond retailer. James Allen’s inventory includes over 200,000 top-quality diamonds, including natural and lab-grown diamonds. The user experience on is unparalleled – no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll easily be able to find it in a few clicks. Customers can browse their range of ready-to-ship rings or design their own rings by selecting stones and settings. You can closely examine all of their diamonds in 360° HD, seeing them in closer detail than you would if you were holding them in your hand. In addition to diamond engagement rings, site visitors can also browse other gemstone and jewelry types, such as pendants, earrings, and bracelets. They offer 24/7 customer service and a full money-back guarantee.

Best Overall: James Allen
James Allen Pros
  • Customers can easily design their own engagement ring
  • Detailed specifications and certificates for each diamond
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Fast, free shipping and returns
  • Free ring resizing for a year and a lifetime warranty
James Allen Cons
  • International customers must pay for returns
  • No physical stores
The bottom line
James Allen has a clear commitment to quality and customer service and provides an unparalleled user experience for anyone looking to purchase a lab-grown diamond ring online.
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The diamonds on (both natural and lab-grown) have been graded for clarity by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). These grades range from I1 (included 1), in which some inclusions (slight internal imperfections) may be visible to the naked eye, all the way up to FL (flawless), in which the diamond is completely free from internal and external flaws. On the website, it’s easy to filter diamonds based on the clarity you want. 


James Allen
Image Courtesy of James Allen

Like earth-created diamonds, most lab-grown diamonds have a slightly yellowish color. Thus, they are rated based on their proximity to being colorless, with totally colorless diamonds having the top color grade and the most expensive. Color is more visible with larger stones. James Allen offers lab-grown diamonds with color grades from J (a slight color visible in diamonds over 1 carat) to D (totally colorless). James Allen also has a wide range of fancy color diamonds in stunning hues such as yellow, pink, green, orange, and black, all rated for their color intensity.


James Allen offers the same cuts for lab-grown and natural diamonds. The quality of the cut determines how well the diamond reflects light, which defines its overall sparkle and brilliance. Customers can browse lab-grown diamonds in Good, Very Good, Ideal, and True Hearts cuts on the James Allen website. They can also find diamonds in the classic shapes – round, princess, cushion, marquise, pear, oval, etc.


James Allen offers diamonds of practically every size and weight. Lab-grown diamonds are sized in the same way as natural diamonds, in carat weight and millimeters. On their website, available lab-grown diamonds range from 0.3 carats to stones that are more than 6 carats. James Allen offers natural diamonds of over 20 carats for customers looking for a colossal stone. 


As with natural diamonds, the price of a lab-grown diamond depends on a range of factors, including cut, clarity, color, size, and shape. There is a vast range of prices available on the James Allen website. For a 0.30 carat loose round diamond, prices start at around $270, up to over $71,000 for a 5.65 carat diamond. However, many customers will want their stones set in a ring rather than buy a loose diamond. The type of metal and the setting style also affect the price (i.e., white gold vs. platinum, solitaire vs. three-stone). For lab-grown diamonds with excellent cut and clarity ratings, a 1–carat round-cut white gold solitaire costs around $1,700. 

Special Services

The James Allen website offers users an easy way to find the perfect diamond and design their own ring or another piece of jewelry. With clear explanations, filters, sliders, and drop-down menus, site visitors can select the stone they want in seconds. Each diamond has a dedicated page detailing its specifications and grading report. Users can also examine each stone in stunning HD at up to 40x magnification. James Allen offers a virtual ring sizer, custom designs, engraving, a year of free ring resizing, financing options, and a lifetime warranty. 

Shipping & Return Policies

James Allen offers free shipping to any destination worldwide, regardless of the order amount. Orders over $500 will receive faster shipping via FedEx Priority. All items are registered and are fully insured while in transit. James Allen’s hassle-free return policy covers all purchases, so customers have 30 days to decide whether they are happy with their ring. If not, they can return it in unworn condition for a full refund or exchange. There is free return shipping for American and Canadian customers.

Customer Service

You can contact James Allen’s customer service team 24/7 via phone (toll-free in the United States), email, chat, or message. The customer service team members are jewelry experts and do not work on commission, so you won’t feel pressured or unfairly influenced to buy anything. Unique to James Allen, shoppers can also participate in a Real-Time Diamond inspection by sharing their screen to look at diamonds while chatting with a non-commissioned jewelry expert.  


James Allen review

James Allen has earned rave reviews from customers. The brand’s reputation comes from its excellent customer service, transparency, and the exceedingly high quality of its jewelry. Customers have been delighted with the transparent way items are advertised, with the cut, clarity, and color of the diamonds clearly explained, with all the necessary grading certificates. The pricing of James Allen’s products has also been popular with customers, who consider the jewelry to be fairly priced, especially considering the exceptional quality. Customers looking for lab-grown diamonds widely recommend James Allen because it is easy to browse and select the precise diamond they want. 

James Allen Pros

  • Customers can easily design their own engagement ring, with over 200,000 diamonds to choose from, including a massive selection of affordable lab-grown diamonds.
  • Customers can view any diamond in stunning magnification for 360° inspection.
  • Every diamond has a page detailing its size, shape, cut, clarity, color, and more, with the relevant certifications.
  • Prospective buyers can contact the customer service team 24/7 and use the virtual Real-Time Diamond Inspection for assistance from a non-commissioned jewelry expert.
  • Customers receive fast, free shipping and a no-questions-asked returns policy.
  • James Allen offers free ring resizing for a year and a lifetime warranty.

James Allen Cons

  • Founded in 2006, James Allen is a relatively new company.
  • The free return policy does not cover international customers, so they will have to pay a small fee for returns.
  • James Allen is exclusively online, so customers won’t be able to visit a store to see diamonds in person or chat face-to-face with a jeweler. 

The Bottom Line

Despite being a relatively new company, James Allen has quickly earned its place as the leading online diamond and bridal jewelry retailer, with a vast selection of natural and lab-grown diamonds. The brand has a clear commitment to quality and customer service and provides an unparalleled user experience for shopping online. Their website is easy to navigate and incredibly informative. Customers can find whatever stone, setting, and style of engagement ring they want in just a few clicks while also being able to browse thousands of other jewelry items. James Allen offers fast, free shipping, a no-questions-asked return policy, and a 24/7 customer service team. Additional perks include free ring resizing, a lifetime warranty, and the fantastic Super Zoom 360 degree, 40x magnification of every diamond they sell. 

Brilliant Earth

2. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is a leading retailer of both lab-grown and natural diamonds that prides itself on transparency and the ethical sourcing of its diamonds. They are committed to being carbon neutral and contributing to social and environmental causes. Brilliant Earth has an extensive online presence and numerous brick-and-mortar stores throughout the United States. In addition to its wide selection of lab-grown diamonds, Brilliant Earth offers natural diamonds that are “beyond conflict-free” and recycled diamonds. Customers can design a ring or browse ready-to-ship engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry. Brilliant Earth offers complimentary virtual appointments over Zoom and an easy-to-use website that allows customers to virtually” try on” jewelry. They have a dedicated customer service team, free shipping and returns, and a lifetime warranty. 

Best Customization: Brilliant Earth
Brilliant Earth Pros
  • Transparency, environmental stewardship
  • Customers can design their own rings
  • Offer free consultation over Zoom
Brilliant Earth Cons
  • Free shipping, returns, and ring resizing policies only apply to customers in the US, UK, and Australia
  • Website experience is not as user-friendly as others
The bottom line
Brilliant Earth has attractive shipping and return policies for customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada and offers a lifetime warranty and flexible financing.
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Brilliant Earth sells natural and lab-created diamonds with clarity grades ranging from SI2 (semi included 2) to FL (flawless). Diamonds at the lower end of the scale have flaws visible under 10x magnification and may be visible with the naked eye. Very very slightly included, internally flawless, and flawless diamonds have almost no visible inclusions and are correspondingly more expensive.


The color options for Brilliant Earth’s lab-grown diamonds range from J (near colorless) to D (completely colorless). Diamonds closer to the colorless side of the spectrum are rare and are thus more expensive but allow the maximum amount of light to pass through for intense sparkle and fire. Brilliant Earth has a relatively small selection of yellow, pink, and blue diamonds, which are natural instead of lab-grown. 


Brilliant Earth lab grown diamonds
Image Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth’s lab-grown diamonds have the same range of cut quality as its natural diamonds. There is no limitation on the cut quality of a lab-grown diamond. Brilliant Earth’s inventory includes Good, Very Good, Ideal, and Super Ideal cuts, with prices increasing in line with the quality of the cut. Only 3% of jewelry-grade diamonds have the symmetry, uniformity of facets, brilliance, and light reflection properties to earn a rating of Ideal or above. The vast majority of Brilliant Earth’s lab-grown diamonds are rated Ideal or Super Ideal.


The larger lab-grown diamonds stocked by Brilliant Earth are just as high in quality as their smaller lab-grown diamonds, so customers can choose a stone from a vast range of weights and sizes. Brilliant Earth advertises lab-grown diamonds ranging from 0.26 carats to more than 16 carats. 


Customers can design their own rings by selecting the shape, cut, size, clarity, and setting type that they want. As you would expect, there is a vast range of prices for diamond rings. Loose lab-grown diamonds range in price from $260 to $210,000. Because each stone and setting is unique, no two Brilliant Earth rings are unique, so they are priced accordingly. For a 1–carat round-cut white gold solitaire with a high cut and clarity rating, you’re likely to find prices in the $1,800 range. 

Special Services

Brilliant Earth sets itself apart by focusing on ethical and sustainable diamonds and pledges to be carbon neutral. In addition to their lab-grown diamonds, all of their natural diamonds are “beyond conflict-free,” so they have met higher standards for labor practices and environmental sustainability. Customers can virtually “try on” engagement rings by uploading a photo of their hand and then customizing their ring. Brilliant Earth offers flexibility by allowing customers to design every aspect of their jewelry or choose an existing style. In addition to their range of diamond engagement rings, they also have jewelry and gifts to suit any occasion, recipient, and budget. Brilliant Earth offers engraving services, gift certificates, lifetime diamond upgrades, and temporary setting options. 

Shipping & Return Policies

Brilliant Earth offers free FedEx shipping to US, UK, and Australian customers for purchases of any amount. They also have a 30-day free return policy, so customers can ensure that they are entirely satisfied with their ring. They have a complimentary 60-day resizing offer on most rings, flexible financing options, and a lifetime manufacturing warranty on all products. Customers in other countries will need to contact Brilliant Earth to find out their shipping and returns policies.

Customer Service

All prospective customers can have a free 45-minute one-on-one consultation via Zoom with one of Brilliant Earth’s jewelry specialists. Unlike other retailers that are exclusively based online, customers can also visit one of Brilliant Earth’s showrooms, located in 14 US states, to chat with a jeweler in person. Brilliant Earth’s customer service team is also contactable at any time via phone, email, message, and live chat.


Brilliant Earth has earned very high ratings in customer satisfaction. Many customers praise the brand’s focus on sustainable and ethical natural diamonds and their growing emphasis on lab-created diamonds. Although the website can be somewhat challenging to navigate, customers were pleased with the wealth of information about each diamond and the many setting options. Many people enjoyed meeting with a diamond specialist over Zoom from the comfort of their own home and had fun “trying on” their rings virtually. Overall, people were pleased with the brand’s customer service, their shipping and return policies, and having the option to shop either online or in-store. 

Brilliant Earth Pros

  • In addition to its lab-grown diamonds, Brilliant Earth has a significant focus on transparency, environmental stewardship, and ethical sourcing of natural diamonds.
  • Website users can go beyond the basics of cut, clarity, and carat by using additional filters such as symmetry, polish, depth%, and fluorescence to narrow down their search. 
  • Customers can design their own rings with the help of multiple filters, choosing from a range of cuts, sizes, settings, and metals. There are also many ready-to-ship jewelry pieces available.
  • IGI, GIA, GCAL, and HRD reports are available for the most knowledgeable shoppers.
  • Customers have plenty of options when it comes to customer service – they can go to a Brilliant Earth store, arrange a free consultation over Zoom, or contact the company via message, email, live chat, or phone. 

Brilliant Earth Cons

  • The user experience when browsing for loose diamonds on the Brilliant Earth website is a little confusing. It’s good for comparing price, cut, clarity, and shape but is not very visual.
  • You can’t zoom in on Brilliant Earth diamonds to the extent of magnification as some other retailers.
  • Brilliant Earth has a smaller selection of colored diamonds than some other retailers, and none of them are lab-grown.
  • Brilliant Earth’s free shipping, returns, and ring resizing policies apply to customers in the US, UK, and Australia – customers in other countries will need to speak to a customer service representative to find out their country-specific policies.

The Bottom Line

Brilliant Earth lab grown diamonds

Brilliant Earth is an excellent option for customers who want to ensure that their jewelry is ethically and sustainably sourced. With a comprehensive website listing each diamond’s specifications, grades, and reports, consumers have a wealth of information at their fingertips when deciding which gem to buy. This level of detail can seem overwhelming, but the Brilliant Earth website allows you to filter their colossal inventory and design an engagement ring based on the characteristics that matter to you. For additional help, customers can visit a Brilliant Earth store, meet with a diamond expert via a virtual consultation, or get in touch through email, phone, or chat. Brilliant Earth has attractive shipping and return policies for customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada and offers a lifetime warranty, flexible financing, and help with resizing, engraving, and custom orders.


3. GemsNY

GemsNY has been a well-established presence in New York City’s jewelry district for over 30 years. GemsNY is taking its wholesale business directly to customers with an extensive website, allowing them to offer desirable prices. In addition to their wide range of other gemstones, GemsNY enables customers to design engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings with lab-grown diamonds. Customers can book a consultation at the GemsNY showroom in Midtown Manhattan or connect with a customer service specialist via live chat, email, or phone call. Shoppers based outside of New York City can view the specifications of each diamond on the GemsNY website. GemsNY offers free shipping and returns to domestic customers, with international customers paying for these services. They also provide a lifetime manufacturing warranty, price match program, flexible financing, jewelry insurance, and trade-up service.

Best Value: Gems NY
Gems NY Pros
  • Offers lab-grown diamonds at discounted prices.
  • Clarity, cut, color, size, shape, and certifications are listed for each diamond
  • 1-1 in person consultation available in their NYC location
  • Frequent special offers and flash sales
Gems NY Cons
  • No virtual consultation service available
  • International customers must pay for shipping and returns
The bottom line
GemsNY offers an extensive selection of lab-grown diamonds at very competitive prices.
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Customers can browse diamonds with clarity grades ranging from SI2 (slightly included 2 – some flaws visible to the naked eye) to FL (flawless) on the GemsNY website. Most customers who want their diamond to be free from visible imperfections will be satisfied with a diamond with a VS1 (very slightly included 1) or VS2 score. Clarity has a significant impact on the price of both natural and lab-grown diamonds, so customers can filter their results to choose a diamond with an acceptable amount of inclusions at a reasonable price.


GemsNY lab grown diamonds
Image Courtesy of GemsNY

Each lab-grown diamond stocked by GemsNY has a color rating, ranging from K (slight coloration that impacts the amount of light passing through) to D (the highest grade – completely colorless). Gems with higher ratings offer more sparkle, but they are rare and thus significantly more expensive. You can filter the lab-grown diamonds on the GemsNY website by color, as with other characteristics. 

On the other hand, customers who prefer a brightly colored stone may be interested to know GemsNY also stocks a wide range of colored gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. However, these are all natural stones rather than lab-grown gems.


GemsNY’s lab-grown diamonds range in cut quality from Fair to Ideal Plus. Most of the company’s diamonds are on the top end of that scale. There are no limitations on the cut quality of a lab-grown diamond. Likewise, GemsNY offers the same diamond shapes for lab-grown diamonds as natural diamonds. Customers can choose from popular shapes such as round, princess, and oval and more unusual shapes such as marquise, radiant, and heart shapes.


GemsNY carat

Every diamond on the GemsNY website has a precise carat size, which measures its weight and is a good predictor of the stone’s overall size. The most petite lab-grown diamonds sold by GemsNY are around 0.26 carats, while the largest are over 15 carats. As with natural diamonds, the quality of GemsNY’s lab-grown diamonds is not limited by size or weight. Instead, the diamond’s cut, clarity, and color determine the stone’s quality. 


The lab-grown diamond rings sold by GemsNY tend to be less expensive than comparable jewelry items made with natural diamonds. A vast range of prices is available, from $227 for a 0.25-carat lab-grown diamond to over $85,000 for a 7.06-carat lab-grown diamond. Variations in color, clarity, cut, and the type of setting can significantly impact the ring’s overall price. Overall, though, GemsNY has attractive pricing, with a 1–carat round-cut white gold solitaire with a high cut and clarity rating retailing for around $1,100. GemsNY has frequent sales that give customers discounts of 20% on lab-grown diamonds and other jewelry items.  

Special Services

GemsNY special services

Compared to many online lab-grown diamond retailers, GemsNY has decades of experience in the jewelry business. They have a brick-and-mortar showroom in the heart of New York City, which gives customers the option to schedule a one-on-one consultation to discuss their jewelry needs in person. The online portion of GemsNY is a much more recent development, but it has quickly adapted to serve customers outside of New York City interested in lab-grown diamonds. GemsNY has several special offers, such as frequent 20% off sales, affiliate programs, and refer-a-friend bonuses. They also have a free engraving service. 

Shipping & Return Policies

GemsNY has helpful shipping and returns policies for customers in the United States. They offer free, fully insured shipping and returns, with options to expedite shipping for an additional fee. International customers pay $50 for FedEx Priority shipping and must cover the cost of returns themselves. The risk-free return policy gives customers 30 days to ensure that they are entirely satisfied with their jewelry. Customers are also entitled to free ring resizing within 90 days of purchase.

Customer Service

GemsNY has several options for contacting customer service. They have a telephone number, email address, and a live chat option. Customers can also schedule a one-on-one consultation at GemsNY’s Midtown Manhattan location for items over $750. Unlike some online diamond retailers, GemsNY does not have a virtual consultation service. 


GemsNY is a well-known New York City institution and has a reputation for selling high-quality gems at reasonable prices. Overall, GemsNY customers have been pleased with the jewelry they have purchased. Many customers have raved about the prices, which tend to be lower than other diamond retailers. GemsNY has also impressed its customers by offering free shipping and returns and frequent special offers. Some reviewers have been disappointed that the brand doesn’t provide virtual consultations over Zoom, while others have been frustrated by the lack of customer support on evenings and weekends.

GemsNY Pros

  • GemsNY has a background as a gemstone wholesaler and can offer lab-grown diamonds at discounted prices. 
  • Each lab-grown diamond has a page listing its clarity, cut, color, size, shape, and certifications.
  • Customers can schedule a one-on-one consultation at the GemsNY store in Midtown Manhattan.
  • Customers can take advantage of frequent special offers, such as 20% off sales, affiliate programs, and referrals.

GemsNY Cons

  • Although GemsNY can help customers in person or via email, chat, and phone call during business hours, they don’t offer a virtual consultation service.
  • The business hours (including customer service calls) are limited to 9:00 am to 6:30 pm on weekdays, and 10:30 am to 3:00 pm on Saturdays. GemsNY is closed on Sundays.
  • International customers have to pay for shipping and returns.
  • It can be challenging to tell the difference between the diamonds for sale on the GemsNY website, as not all of them have accompanying videos or images.

The Bottom Line

GemsNY is a New York City institution that has been in the jewelry business for over 25 years. They have a reputation for providing good-quality gemstones and offering their customers periodic discounts. GemsNY offers an extensive selection of lab-grown diamonds at very competitive prices. Although the GemsNY website is not as slick or user-friendly as some other jewelry retailers, it is easy to navigate and contains the necessary information. Customers can design their own ring, pendant, or earrings or select a loose natural or lab-grown diamond with the desired size, shape, cut, clarity, and color. Although GemsNY does not offer virtual appointments, customers can visit their showroom in Midtown Manhattan or contact their customer service team by phone, email, or chat. 

What is a lab-grown diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds created in a laboratory or factory rather than being mined. They are “real” diamonds – they have the same appearance and chemical makeup as mined diamonds and are used for both jewelry and industrial purposes. Lab-created diamonds are also known as synthetic or cultured diamonds.

Most natural diamonds were created over a billion years ago with the application of immense heat and pressure deep below the Earth’s surface. Lab-grown diamonds are made using the High Pressure High Temperature system or the more recently discovered Chemical Vapor Deposition process. Thanks to this new technology, the cost to produce a lab-grown diamond has dropped dramatically in the last 20 years.

What’s the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds?

Lab-grown and natural diamonds are indistinguishable, both visually and at the molecular level. The difference between them is their origin – they are created in a lab rather than mined from underground. They have the same properties and chemical composition – pure carbon atoms arranged in a crystal structure.

Recent technological advances have eliminated the inconsistencies and discolorations of earlier lab-created diamonds. Special tools such as X-rays and UV light are required to distinguish natural and synthetic diamonds. The Federal Trade Commission considers lab-grown diamonds just as authentic as mined diamonds. 

What to look for in a lab-grown diamond engagement ring?

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings are soaring in popularity, with nearly 70% of millennials saying they would consider buying synthetic diamonds. There are a few things that prospective buyers should know when shopping for a lab-grown diamond engagement ring

As with any significant purchase, it’s essential to source a lab-grown diamond engagement ring from a reputable vendor. Well-established brands such as GemsNY, Brilliant Earth, and James Allen are known for their high-quality gems, reasonable prices, and stellar customer service. 

Just as you would with a natural diamond, you’ll want to consider characteristics such as shape and cut quality. The shape is a matter of personal preference – some people like the look of a classic round, princess, or emerald, whereas others prefer something more unique, such as a pear, oval, or cushion. If you’re shopping for a diamond engagement ring, you’ll want to choose a beautiful gem of the highest cut quality, so look for either Ideal or Excellent cuts. Other factors to consider include colorlessness (a diamond in the F-H color range should appear colorless) and clarity (a diamond with grade VS1 or VS2 should be free from visible blemishes).

Of course, a ring is more than just a diamond. You’ll also want to consider the type of setting, such as solitaire or halo, and perhaps find out the recipient’s style preferences before making this choice. 

If this sounds overwhelming, you can always reach out to the customer service team at a top jeweler specializing in lab-grown diamonds. They’ll answer your questions and give you an honest assessment of the ring you’re considering. Companies like James Allen, Brilliant Earth, and GemsNY offer returns, so if the jewelry you receive doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always return it for a full refund.

What are the benefits of lab-grown diamond rings? 

Even though they are identical to natural diamonds, lab-grown diamond rings tend to be significantly less expensive – even though they are better for the environment and have a far lower human cost. 

It’s thought that lab-grown diamonds are responsible for significantly fewer gaseous emissions (such as carbon and sulfur oxide) than mined diamonds and can be produced using renewable energy. Unlike mining, synthesizing diamonds doesn’t result in habitat destruction, pollution of water sources, or moving colossal amounts of earth.

Historically, the diamond mining industry has been fraught with human rights abuses such as child labor and prostitution. Even today, many diamond miners in Africa earn less than $1 a day, with the diamond profits going to large corporations rather than to the communities that mine them.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Buying a diamond ring is a significant investment, so it’s essential to feel confident and informed. If you aren’t familiar with lab-grown diamonds, there can be even more uncertainty about what’s available. Here are the answers to the most common questions about lab-grown diamond rings. 

What is a lab-grown diamond?

A lab-grown diamond is a diamond created in a laboratory or factory instead of being created underground by the natural forces of temperature and pressure. Lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds both visually and chemically.

Are lab-grown diamonds real?

Lab-grown diamonds are real. Just like natural diamonds, they are made of pure crystallized carbon. They are indistinguishable from natural diamonds and can be used in the same types of jewelry. The Federal Trade Commission also considers lab-grown gems to be real diamonds.

How are lab-grown diamonds made?

Lab-grown diamonds are made using one of two processes. The High Pressure High Temperature system involves subjecting a diamond “seed” and pure graphite carbon to extremely high temperatures and pressure. The newer Chemical Vapor Deposition process involves heating carbon-rich gas around a diamond seed. 

Where to buy lab-grown diamonds?

Many top jewelry retailers around the world specialize in lab-grown diamonds. Brands such as Brilliant Earth, James Allen, and GemsNY offer high-quality lab-grown diamonds with the exact specifications of mined diamonds, such as clarity, cut grade, and carat weight. 

Do lab-grown diamonds depreciate in value?

Both natural and lab-grown diamond rings depreciate immediately after purchase, losing around half their value the moment you buy them. With a few exceptions, diamond rings are not strong investments. Some jewelers won’t buy back lab-grown diamonds because of their limited resale value.  

Are lab-grown diamonds cheaper?

A lab-grown diamond is significantly cheaper than a natural diamond of the same carat weight, clarity, and cut grade. There’s a lot of variation in the market, but lab-grown diamonds are typically 20% to 50% less expensive than natural diamonds of similar quality. 

Do lab-grown diamonds last as long as real diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are just as real as mined diamonds, and they will last just as long. 

Are lab-grown diamonds cubic zirconia?

No, lab-grown diamonds are not cubic zirconia. Although they are created in a lab or factory instead of underground, they are real diamonds with the same chemical composition and appearance as natural diamonds. You can easily distinguish cubic zirconia and other diamond simulants, as they lack brilliance and sparkle.