This Free Extension Saves You Surprising Amounts of Money on Amazon (and Everywhere Else)

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum
Personal Finance Expert

Find the best price on products that you love. Wikibuy automatically saves you time and money by scanning the web for coupons codes that save you money. Add Wikibuy to your browser now.

The best part? It’s free, and it only takes 30 seconds to get started.

Wikibuy can be used on everyday items

Planning a large purchase? Wikibuy will save you $1,800 on a TV

Wikibuy has millions of users and saved customers more than $70 Million in savings last year.

Wikibuy hunts for the best deals and coupon codes in the background. When you’re ready to checkout, it will tell you if you’re getting the best price on the item you’re buying. If Wikibuy finds a better deal, it tells you where to get the price, including tax and shipping.

Using Wikibuy on Amazon helped save 30% on our favorite dog food
Using Wikibuy on Amazon helped save 30% on our favorite dog food.
Using Wikibuy on Amazon helped save $12 on cleaning supplies like this all purpose cleaner
Using Wikibuy on Amazon helped save $12 on cleaning supplies like this all purpose cleaner.

Wikibuy works on nearly any online store. Some of the most popular ones are, ebay, Amazon, Target, Macys and Walmart.

  • eBay
  • amazon
  • target
  • macys
  • walmart

How can I start saving too?

Step 1

Head to Wikibuy and click the “Add to browser” button. It takes about 30 seconds, and it’s free. It’s owned by a big bank and has lots of good reviews, so I knew it was legitimate. After installing the extension, you can sign up.

Installing Wikibuy is as simple as a few clicks.

Step 2

Start saving! Use the Wikibuy browser extension on your favorite online store and see savings without ever leaving the page you purchase from.

Start saving. Here you can see a saving of $40 on a steam mop
Start saving. Here you can see a saving of $40 on a steam mop.

These Wikibuy reviews speak for themselves

Wikibuy is a 5 star rated browser extension and has over 9,000 reviews on the Google Chrome Store. It is rated “excellent” on TrustPilot with over 1,800 reviews. Here’s what Wikibuy users are saying:

These Wikibuy reviews speak for themselves


  • Automatically applies every coupon for you

  • Free, no hidden costs

  • Secure and trustworthy

  • Works in browser without leaving your cart

  • Works on nearly any online store

  • Collect credits or add items to your wishlist


  • It doesn’t work for every product

Get Wikibuy. It’s free.


  • Is Wikibuy a scam?

    No, Wikibuy is owned by Capital One and really works. There are over 9,000 reviews on the Google Chrome Store and over 3,000,000+ users.

  • Can I use Wikibuy on sites other than Amazon?

    Yes, you can use Wikibuy on nearly any online site where you would normally purchase items.

  • How does Wikibuy work?

    Wikibuy finds the best coupon codes from around the internet and automatically applies them to find savings automatically.

  • Do I always get the best deal?

    Wikibuy scans the web for coupon codes that work. You will get the best deal without needing to do research.

  • Does Wikibuy cost money?

    No, Wikibuy is totally free to use. There are no hidden costs associated, so you can save without spending any money.

  • It sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

    There is none. It won’t work on every single product, but there is no loss in trying.


Robert Chan
Robert Chan

Thanks for writing this post! Being newly retired, I'm always on the hunt for ways to save money, and I had heard of Wikibuy before. I wasn't sure if it was legit, but I gave it a go based on this article and I'm so glad I did.

It's so cool to save a few extra dollars a month without having to do much!

John Mitchell
John Mitchell

Haha we are in the same boat. Another recent retiree here! I was shocked that I could use this on ebay and Macys too. I’m going to buy myself a new sweater with all of the money I saved.

Malcom Tatum
Malcolm Tatum (Author)

Hi Robert, I am glad that you read the post and found it and Wikibuy helpful.

Robert Chan
Robert Chan

A few days later - I’m back and wanted to say it’s become my most used tool!

Henry Halem
Henry Halem

This is really cool. I was kind of expecting this to be a scam or install malware on my computer, but I have been pleasently surprised at how easily this work. I save around $5 per purchase, which is unexpected, as i basically don’t need to do anything.

Sally Hershal
Sally Hershal

I clicked on this page via a link on CNN. I am happy that I found this by accident because I am just about to restock my pantry. I saw that I could save $3 on my husband’s favorite cookies, so he is going to be really pleased.

Malcom Tatum
Malcolm Tatum (Author)

Hi Sally, I am glad that you found this - even if almost by mistake.

Helen Cooper
Helen Cooper

To quote my son “It’s legit!” I use it for all of my purchases :)

David Warren
David Warren

I am usually a sceptic when it comes to these type of things. I usually prefer shopping in a real store and seeing the objects. This moment in time, it’s really hard to do that so I have been buying a lot of stuff online. I am actually feeling good about this now knowing that I would not have been able to save so much money if I had have purchased from a physical store. I am have saved a lot of money since using it.

Stella Harris-Jones
Stella Harris-Jones

Oooh yes! You just described me. I have to say that I now too actually prefer buying online than in a store. I have my favorite products on a price watch to see when the price drops so I can get the best deal.

Justin Cooper
Justin Cooper

You know what: There is one really bad thing about this extension: Realizing that I spent more than I should have PW (pre Wikibuy).

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