What Should I Consider When Buying Children's Bedding?

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Buying children's bedding can be fun. There are so many colorful patterns available today that can really add a “wow factor” to kids' rooms. When buying children's bedding think about how often you'll be washing the bedding and what type will best suit your child's needs.

A good waterproof mattress protector is the first thing to think about when buying children's bedding. It's especially necessary to prevent the mattress being soaked by bedwetting, but even children who don't wet the bed may spill water or juice on the bed. Unlike mattress protectors of previous decades, you can now buy waterproof ones that are padded for comfort rather than with a vinyl topping that ends up near the skin.


Children's bedding often comes in sets with sheets and a comforter and sometimes even a bed skirt and/or curtains. This can be a convenient way to buy children's bedding if the cost of the set is within your budget or is on sale. You can extend the life of the set by buying an inexpensive duvet cover that fits in with the color scheme of the bedding. This way, if the duvet gets marked up with finger paint or starts getting faded from washing, you still have the comforter. If you find the bedding sets a bit too pricey, you could buy just the printed sheets and pillowcase and even make some simple curtains out of an extra printed sheet to add a punch of color and kid-friendly design to your child's room.

Even curtains, a pillow case and maybe an extra throw pillow printed with your child's favorite licensed television characters on it can make his or her bedroom look great. You can use one or two main colors from the fabric for solid color sheets and a comforter to really pull the look together and make the favorite character or theme stand out in the room.

When buying children's bedding, it's always a good idea to buy at least one extra set of sheets and a spare comforter. That way, if a bedwetting accident occurs, the bedding can be changed and the extra bedding put on without the child having to wait for his or her bed to be ready again. That can be more convenient and less stressful for both parent and child!


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