What Should I Consider When Buying Air Freshener?

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When it comes to buying air freshener, there are a surprising array of choices available. Some forms of air freshener, such as those ubiquitous cardboard pine trees found in cars, rely on a passive delivery system. Other air deodorizers are designed to be more aggressive, with high-power aerosol sprays or pumps. Some use the power of a candle's flame to disperse their fragrance, while others use heated oils as their base. When buying air freshener for your own home or vehicle, there are a number of things to consider.

One of the most important decisions when buying air freshener is the scent. Air freshener fragrances range from floral to spicy to woodsy and all points in-between. Keep in mind that you may be buying air freshener for everyone in your household, so it pays to know some personal likes and dislikes. Heavily floral scents, for example, may mask odors well but leave an equally disagreeable perfumey fragrance behind. Spice blends similar to potpourri could work well in certain rooms, but not necessarily in others. When buying air freshener, you may want to perform a sniff test of your own in the store to compare fragrances.


Another consideration when buying air freshener is the delivery method. Many people prefer the ease of an aerosol spray can, but it may not be the best solution around indoor pets or small children. A hot oil air freshener powered by an electric warming element often infuses the air with a steady fragrance, but it is still an electrical device and may attract some unwanted attention from small children. Air freshening candles with customized scents are good for dispersing subtle fragrance throughout the home, but there is an open flame element to consider. When buying air freshener, consider how it be used in your home and by whom.

You may also want to consider the specific purpose for the product when buying an air freshener. Aerosol air fresheners are perhaps best suited for immediate odor-masking needs, like the ones you may encounter in a kitchen or bathroom. The spray fills the area almost immediately with strong odor-masking chemicals. If you're looking for an all-day background fragrance, however, you may want to consider a timed spray, a scented candle or a heated oil type of air freshener. Sprays tend to dissipate quickly, and the residue may linger on surfaces and mirrors.

When buying an air freshener for a public room, appearance may also be a factor. Several companies have introduced air fresheners with decorative elements to conceal their presence. Standard air freshening units can be a bit obvious, so if you are planning to entertain guests in your living room, great room or dining room, you may want to invest in a decorative air freshener designed to blend in discreetly with the furniture. Functional air fresheners with adhesive backing could also be placed out of sight and still be just as effective.


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I have to say air fresheners are just masking agents. If you really want to get rid of a stale smell, I recommend a product called room shocker. It will get rid of any odors by completely disinfecting and sanitizing the room, leaving it smelling crisp and fresh.

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