What is Eierpunsch?

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Eierpunsch, also known as hot egg punch, is a German punch made with eggs, rum, spices and white wine. Traditionally served in celebration of the Christmas holiday, it is served warm. This type of punch is often compared to eggnog, which is served chilled.

Recipes for the punch differ, some call for the entire egg to be used, while others require that simply yokes be added. Using just the yokes creates a much thicker, richer eierpunsch. When using just the yokes, more eggs will be required to make the punch; twice as many eggs are usually needed when only the yoke is used.

The most common spices added to Eierpunsch are vanilla, along with cloves and cinnamon. Some recipes will call for the whole vanilla bean to be added to the liquid and allowed to cook in it. When it is time to serve the punch, the vanilla bean is removed.

The key to creating a eierpunsch that packs a punch is not to boil or overcook the liquid. If the punch is heated to a point were it boils, the alcohol content is diminished or completely lost. The ingredients must be slowly heated over a very low heat. They must also be stirred constantly so that the liquid does not burn.


Prior to serving eierpunsch, it is poured through a fine strainer. The purpose of doing this is to remove any spices which have not dissolved and also to make sure that none of the egg has cooked to the point of becoming hardened. This last step ensures that the punch is smooth and creamy.

Just before serving, there are those who favor lightly whipping the punch, either with a whisk or an egg beater. This creates a lighter frothy and foamy concoction. The key, however, is to make sure that the punch maintains its warm temperature, as it should always be served hot. Some people sprinkle a dusting of finely ground cinnamon or raw sugar on top of a mug of eierpunsch to create a fancy presentation.

Eierpunsch mit potwein is a type eierpunsch which substitutes red wine for the white called for in the recipe. This variation contains all the same ingredients as the traditional punch except for the exchange of the types of wine. It is also served warm like its white wine counterpart.


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