What is an Inflatable Sofa?

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Most of us are familiar with the old inflatable air mattress concept - the temporary sleeping arrangements when we go camping or when unexpected guests decide to bunk over. While the older models required blowing them up until you were literally blue in the face, the newer versions at least provide pumps or vacuum hook-ups to expedite the process.

An inflatable sofa is the newest twist on the idea of blow-up furniture and the concept is really catching on. Also called air furniture, inflatable sofas and couches are now being manufactured in every color of the rainbow, and in many different styles and sizes. Because most of the inflatable sofas are made of plastic, they probably fit best with a modern themed d├ęcor. Many companies offer flocked inflatable sofas in addition to the slick plastic types, to provide a softer touch that resembles the feel of velour.

People purchase inflatable couches for many reasons, including the need for inexpensive furnishings in a first apartment or a dorm room. They also choose to buy inflatable furniture if they have limited space but occasionally have the need to provide additional temporary seating, for example, if you are throwing a party and need to add a few more seats. The cost of an inflatable sofa is a fraction of the price of a traditional sofa - in many cases these couches run less than one hundred dollars.


Because an inflatable sofa is compact when not inflated, it can add comfort when you are away from home, too. Sports fans can tote them to the stadium for comfort during the tailgate festivities, camping fans can pack them with their other gear and set up an enviable campsite, or sun worshippers can take one with them for a day at the beach.

The quality of an inflatable sofa has vastly improved over the years. Manufacturers have developed advanced techniques, such as double welding the seams to cut down on any leakage problems. The type of plastic now used holds up through many years of normal wear.

There are a few caveats to consider when thinking about buying air furniture. You need to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for inflation; over or under inflating the blow up furniture can cause the furniture to fail, and may negate the company's warranty. Always remember to check the manufacturer's information on weight capacity; and of course, you should always keep your inflatable sofa away from any direct source of heat.

Companies that manufacture the inflatable sofa also offer other air furniture products as well. Inflatable chairs, footstools, pillows, beds and even picture frames are now available. If you are in the market for affordable, durable and decorative room furnishings, you may want to consider purchasing some inflatable furniture.


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