What is an Inflatable Chair?

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An inflatable chair is an inexpensive piece of vinyl seating that can be inflated and deflated. Vinyl is short for polyvinylchloride (PVC) which is a chlorine- and ethylene-based plastic resin. There is a wide range of inflatable chairs available today such as the high-backed armchair, the low-backed curved chair, the bean bag and the bubble chair.

The bubble type of inflatable chair is shaped by many large individual bubbles or balls that are attached together. Inflatable bean bag chairs aren't filled with beans like a regular bean bag chair, but are an air-filled bag shape. Low-backed inflatable chairs are often curved in shape and the back rest may be a tube-shaped section attached to a rounded chair body. Although it doesn’t recline, a high-backed inflatable chair usually looks like a classic recliner style of armchair. An inflatable footstool can make a great addition to an inflatable high-backed chair.

An inflatable chair may be sold as part of a set with other inflatable furniture such as a footstool and a sofa. Most inflatable seating designed for adults holds up to 300 - 500 lbs. (136.08 kg - 226.8 kg) depending on the quality. Inflatable chairs for children often feature designs of licensed cartoon characters. The vinyl used for inflatable chairs may be opaque or transparent. An inflatable chair may be completely clear or it may have some clear sections and also feature a colorful trim.


Many inflatable chairs are available in solid vivid shades such as blue, red, purple, pink or green. Animal-printed inflatable chairs are also available, as are inflatable chairs printed with the names and logos of sports teams. An inflatable chair may make a convenient addition to a college dorm room. Since deflated inflatable chairs are lightweight and don't take up much space, they are also great to take on camping trips.

It's even possible to use inflatable furniture to furnish a first apartment or while waiting to afford "real furniture," since inflatable pieces are inexpensive. Inflatable chairs and other air-filled furniture such as sofas and beds could be combined with inexpensive folding tables and other pieces to create a household of furniture options that are also easy to transport. For fun accents, inflatable items such as throw pillows and floral centerpieces could be added.


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