What is a Vibrating Massager?

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A vibrating massager is a motorized device that vibrates and can be held against the skin and muscles for a massaging effect. Different models of massagers can vary in look and feel and can have different features. Some vibrating massagers can be portable, allowing their owners to use them anywhere they please.

Power for vibrating massagers can be obtained either through batteries or electricity. A vibrating massager with a cord can, at first, seem inconvenient to the user, but it has a main advantage over a massager that is battery-operated: a vibrating massager powered by electricity has a constant source of power. Massagers that rely on batteries run the risk of running out of power or of having their vibrations become less intense as the charges wane.

Features of vibrating massagers can vary. For example, the shape of the massager can depend on the model of the massager. The device itself can be handheld and firm or flat and pillow-like. Attachments, either included with the device or purchased separately, also serve to modify the device to its owner's needs. Certain models come equipped to provide heat, which can provide extra, soothing relief to the user's aching muscles.


The intensity of the vibrations can depend on the device purchased but often can be adjusted by the user. Some manufacturers might design their massagers so that the vibrations are felt mostly at the head of massager, rather than at the main body of the device, where its user will hold and handle it. This means that the vibrations aren't wasted on parts of the device where they won't be appreciated. It also allows a user a higher level of comfort when manipulating the vibrating massager.

Many vibrating massagers are portable. A vibrating massager that is capable of being used in different places generally is small and handheld. These types of massagers are often manufactured to be used on "spot" areas such as the hands and feet, although a vibrating massager hypothetically could be used on any area of the body where a massage with vibrations is needed.

Some vibrating massagers come included as part of a bigger, stationary object. For example, a vibrating massager can be built into beds or chairs, or it can be designed to be placed on a bed or chair. Items meant to provide comfort, such as cushions and blankets, also can have vibrating features. Car seats might also be equipped to provide vibrational relief.


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The main lounge chair in my man cave has a body massager function, and I spend a lot of time in it on weekends. The vibrating massager setting is good, but I like to mix it up with the more intense shiatsu massager. There is also a vibrating neck massager that wraps around my neck like a collar. I swear I can feel bones and muscles re-aligning themselves while I recline and take a nap.

I use a handheld vibrating massager to work out the knots on my leg muscles after a workout. If I don't massage my leg muscles on the same day as my lower body workout, I'll run the risk of getting bad cramps that night.

Post 1

I like to use a handheld vibrating massager on my neck and back when I get home from work. It's more about relaxation than getting knots out of my muscles or anything. If I spend a lot of time in front of the computer at work, I feel a lot of tension across my upper back when I finally quit. A vibrating neck massager works wonders, too.

My wife bought me a vibrating foot massager a few years ago for Christmas, and it also does a good job of taking the stress away. I have always had problems standing in one place for a long time, and the foot massager helps get rid of the swelling in my feet.

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