What is a Papasan Cushion?

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A papasan cushion is a large circular chair cushion that fits in a papasan chair frame. Sometimes papasans are sold with cushions and other times they are sold with a variety of available cushions that are purchased separately. Cushions may wear out or get dirty too, and they can require replacement after a time. While some people are able to extend the life of the cushion by covering it with washable cushion covers, others need to start fresh with a new cushion.

Types of materials for these pillows really vary. Some have lush velvet covering, but other are made of chintz, linen, heavy cotton and et cetera. Buying cushion covers can expand design possibilities. As mentioned, washable covers may definitely be helpful in homes where chairs get much use. These are especially practical in homes with pets that have furniture access. The circular nature of papasans gives them broad appeal to animals that want to curl up for a snooze, and this may quickly make cushions dirty or odorous.


A new papasan cushion can be somewhat expensive, and it isn’t unreasonable to expect to pay at least $50 US Dollars (USD) for one, though lucky shoppers may find a sale and get a slightly lower price. Pillows with more elaborate fabrics may be even more expensive. It’s also important to check size of the size of a papasan cushion against the frame. There are both mamasan and junior papasan chairs, which are much larger and much smaller respectively, and a cushion designed for either of these won’t fit on a standard papasan frame. It’s a good idea to make sure cushions are returnable since not all papasan frames are exactly the size, and some pillows may fit some but not all frames.

For those wishing to save a few dollars, it is possible to make a papasan cushion at home from a few basic materials. People can sew circular covers into which they can fit old bed pillows, or they can make covers and stuff the cushion as needed with filling. The latter method may provide a more even and comfortable seating experience, but in a pinch, the bed pillow method does at least make use of the chair frame.

Those who are really interested in certain types of filling for cushions, greater cushioning, or in incorporating design fabrics in a room may want to custom order a papasan cushion. Though companies that make the chairs may also offer a wide choice in fabrics, people can also choose to have the pillows made in design shops, upholsterers, and often in stores that sell futon and foam chairs. Customizing is expensive but can create the ultimate cushion that will ideally fit with home décor and be exceptionally comfortable.


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I have several cushions for my papasan chair. Not only do I like to change my decor by switching them every so often, but using a variety of cushions keeps them looking fresh and clean.

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I think that papasan cushions made of thick cotton are the best, because they are practical and attractive. The feature I like most about them is that they are easy to wipe clean when you make a mess on them.

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