What Is a Meditation Bench?

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A meditation bench is a simple upright seating design that is used by many who practice various types of meditation. It is a simple plank design that usually only allows enough room for one person at a time. A bench is used primarily for offering cushioned seating and designed in such a way so as to help maintain one’s posture while doing meditation. While many people simply use a pillow that is designated as a meditation cushion, others prefer using a meditation bench as an alternative.

No special meditation equipment is ever needed to practice meditation, which is also known as mindfulness. Many simply sit in a comfortable position while focusing on little else besides breathing. A comfortable position can be attained by sitting in a cross-legged position on the floor, by sitting in a comfortable chair or by sitting on a meditation bench. Meditation practitioners do, however, recommend that meditation mostly be performed while sitting or, on occasion, while standing. Reclining while meditating is not generally recommended, as that position may become too relaxing and cause a person to fall asleep while meditating.


In most cases, a meditation bench does not offer a back cushion. Benches, instead, are built for people to sit on top of a cushion supported by a plank that is generally made of wood and supported by four legs. Bench platforms are angled in such a way so as not to cause back stress. Benches can be made, however, with an additional back cushion to offer support to those suffering from back pain or injury. Benches are usually made to seat one person and are, generally, small enough to be easily stored away if needed.

When choosing a meditation bench, experts recommend selecting one that is comfortable and supports good back posture without need of additional cushions in the back area. The spinal column should be straight while seated, but should not be stressed. A meditation bench can be featured in many different colors and materials as long as they are not a distraction and provide the comfort needed for the practice of mediation techniques.

Some people prefer to have a meditation bench that is especially made for them. Such includes benches that are personally engraved with a meaningful emblem, a scripture passage or any other meaningful text. A custom made meditation bench also allows shoppers to select their own cushion firmness, as well as fabric colors.


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Have you seen the Kindseat meditation bench? I've used one for over a year. This is infinitely adjustable and the only bench that can be adjusted so finely that it changes with you and could probably last a lifetime. It's a cool design and portable. Many people have found this a great bench to use for both sitting and kneeling.

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