What Is a Lavender Eye Mask?

Britt Archer

An eye mask can be constructed in different ways and contain a variety of ingredients. The mask can be designed to simply enhance sleep by keeping light from the eyes, and in this case it might simply be constructed of dark-colored material with an attached headband to keep it in place. In other instances, an eye mask can contain soothing gel or a combination of herbs to enhance the experience, calm the nerves and improve the quality of sleep. A lavender eye mask falls into the latter category, with the lavender scent meant to soothe and calm the wearer of the mask.

A lavender eye mask.
A lavender eye mask.

Ingredients can differ by manufacturer or the preference of the person who constructs a homemade mask. A lavender eye mask usually contains dried lavender flowers along with another ingredient to add a light pressure that will help keep the mask in place, and some people use flaxseed for this purpose. Lavender is a popular choice in skin care and eye products, such as a face mask or an eye mask, because of its soothing properties, which have been used for hundreds of years in toiletries and perfumes. Modern admirers of lavender use it to ease insomnia and stress.

Lavender flowers may be added to an eye mask.
Lavender flowers may be added to an eye mask.

A lavender eye mask can be constructed of cotton cloth or some other type of soft cloth. Some people prefer to make the mask from silk, giving it an elegant and rich feeling that will add to the calming experience. A mask can be made in an oblong shape or be more contoured, with a curved shape to fit over the bridge of the nose. Templates can be found online for the home crafter or seamstress, and some people design their own from small rectangles or tubes of cloth.

A lavender eye pillow is sometimes used in a similar manner. The difference, however, is that an eye pillow sits on the eyes without support of any kind except gravity to hold it in place while a person sleeps or reclines, while a lavender eye mask is kept in place with a secure headband. In either form, the appliance can be chilled in a refrigerator prior to use for an added cooling benefit.

Some say the herb possesses properties that are effective in battling fatigue, depression and anxiety. The soothing effect is attributed to its pleasant scent. Throughout history lavender has been added to bath water and stored in closets and drawers, freshening clothing as well as soothing skin.

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