What is a Foam Futon?

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A foam futon is a type of bed with a mattress made of foam. A futon is a bed that can be rolled or folded to be put away or converted into another piece of furniture when not in use as a bed. Rather than a cotton batting mattress, a foam futon mattress can be made from latex or visco-elastic polyurethane, also called memory foam, or even from natural ingredients like soy. Many people find that sleeping on a foam futon is quite comfortable, and may even help relieve sore backs and aching joints.

Foam futons are often found in the same shape and size as normal mat futons and couch futons. These can be in single and double sizes, and can come in shapes as large as a king-sized mattress. The futon generally folds into the seat and backing of the couch, and once unfolded reveals a full bed.

The materials used in a foam futon mean it is often much smaller and lighter than the regular futon, and can be transported more easily. Many foam mattresses are thinner, but hold the body more firmly. Like form-fitting beds, foam futons allow the body to sink into the mattress and let the mattress retain its shape without pushing back on the body. The foam is often softer than a regular cotton mattress and may help those with stiff backs or necks.


Like any other futon, a couch foam futon can be equipped with blankets and pillows and be used as a couch during the day and a bed at night. Futons like these are popular in small apartments, and can allow a person to save the space by having one futon instead of both a bed and a place to sit. The frames are generally made of wood or plastic and feature a lightweight design to hold the foam padding.

Foam futon mattresses come in a variety of materials and thicknesses. Memory foam futons are popular with many users because they quickly conform to a body shape after a person lies down, providing support and comfort to the user. This type of foam mattress tends to be thicker and heavier than other types, but is often preferred by users who have back problems or who have difficulty sleeping on other types of mattresses. Mattresses also come in soy foam padding and natural foam varieties, which are more environmentally friendly.

Not all foam futons come in couch form. Although in the US the term "futon" is used for both the mattress and frame, in many places it only refers to the mattress itself. A foam futon mattress can easily be placed on the floor and rolled up to be stored away when not in use. Some futons are also available in the form a chair; similar to the traditional futon couch, it provides seating or sleeping area for a single person.


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