What Is a Flower Fundraiser?

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A flower fundraiser is a creative method that a number of schools, churches, or nonprofits use to raise money in an eco-friendly way. Like most fundraisers, the participants in the fundraiser will generally be responsible for selling as many flowers as they can to the people they know. This can take place in a number of ways; it may be as simple as setting up a table and selling fresh-cut flowers, or it may take place over a longer period of time, with people placing orders for flowers in advance and having them delivered at a later date. It may also be possible to purchase flowers in someone else's name in a flower fundraiser.

Depending on the nature of the organization hosting the flower fundraiser, greenhouses or or growers may simply donate the flowers for them to sell, or sell them for a significant discount or at-cost. This allows the organization to raise as much money as possible through the flower fundraiser. If not, they will generally recoup the funds they initially spent to purchase the flowers through the fundraiser. There are a number of organizations that make use of fundraisers throughout the year, finding it to be a good way to earn funds for specific projects or daily operations. Flower fundraisers often happen in the springtime, as well as around holidays like Easter or Christmas.


A simple flower fundraiser in which a table is set up and fresh-cut flowers are sold can be a good way to earn money on a particular day, but the funds raised are generally not as great as from fundraisers that last for a longer period of time, or sell bulbs or potted plants. Schools will frequently sell bulbs as a fundraiser, and the people who purchase them can then plant them outdoors and enjoy them for years to come. Some will sell simple potted plants, but this is less common.

Around the holidays, churches or other organizations will often have a flower fundraiser for seasonal flowers, such as poinsettias. People who purchase a flower or plant may do it in someone else's name, as a memorial or gift, which can be particularly nice around the holidays. Some organizations such as churches will then use these flowers to decorate for the holidays, and then the people who purchased them are free to take them home when the holidays are over. These types of fundraisers typically last for weeks, and are very popular because they raise a great deal of money.


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