What is a Dundee Cake?

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Dundee cake is a traditional kind of fruit cake that is made in Scotland. It is often lighter and less dense than other types of fruit cake and has a nice, crumbly texture. It can be served as a dessert or with coffee and tea during the daytime. One of the key features of this Scottish cake is that it is topped with whole almonds, which are arranged in a circular pattern from the center to the edge. Some bakers believe that this cake, which generally keeps well, tastes better if it is allowed to rest for a few days before it is cut and enjoyed.

The ingredients that flavor Dundee cake are mostly dried fruits and nuts. Fruits that are commonly used in the recipe are dried currants, raisins or sultanas, and dried cherries. In addition to the almonds that top the cake, ground almonds are also added to the cake batter. Dundee cake also has a citrusy flavor that comes from orange zest and lemon zest that is added to the batter. Much like fruit cake, Dundee cake is a traditional Christmas treat.

The cake is usually quite small, about eight inches (20 centimeters) in diameter. It is always round. Sometimes it is served with a sauce made from marmalade. When it is served in this manner, the marmalade is usually warmed before it is used to top the cake.


In order to make a marmalade sauce for Dundee cake, the marmalade should be slowly warmed in a sauce pan. A small amount of orange juice can be added to the pan if the marmalade is particularly thick. This is a wonderful way to freshen the cake and give it a homemade touch even if it was purchased from a bakery. Dundee cake is also sometimes topped with sweetened whipped cream.

Dundee cake is not easy to find in bakeries in the United States. In order for Americans to enjoy this kind of cake, it will probably have to be home made. There are a number of great recipes for this traditional Scottish cake in cookbooks and in online recipe databases.

It is believed that the cake originated in the Dundee area of Scotland. Dundee is located near the North Sea and the southern Highlands. Although this dessert is native to Scotland, it is also baked, served, and enjoyed in other parts of the British isles as well.


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Post 3

There are not many good fruit cake recipes but Dundee cake is definitely one of the few. Many of them are heavy, sticky and no fun at all to eat. Think about Christmas time, do you really get excited at all about fruit cake?

But Dundee cake is an exception. The texture is better and the flavor is not so cloying. I usually serve one around Christmas time and it is always a hit.

Post 2

Making a Dundee cake is one of my favorite cake recipes. I love the cake to begin with but there are so many variations. You can switch up the fruit and the nuts in just about a limitless way and you can really change the flavor profile depending on the choices you make.

Post 1

I lived in Scotland for a few months and one night I was invited to a dinner party held by a friend of mines parents. They lived in a big old house and were very nice but very traditional. They served a traditional Scottish meal that included haggis, different potatoes dishes and it ended with an amazing Dundee cake.

That was the first time I had ever had Dundee cake but I loved it. The flavor is so intense but the cake was so light. It was a great evening and a great meal for a lot of reasons but the Dundee cake was definitely the highlight for me.

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