What is a Cuddillow?

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As the brainchild of the TraveLodge hospitality firm in the United Kingdom, the cuddillow is sure to revolutionize the industry, making even the most spare of hotel rooms more inviting. Designed as a cuddling pillow that guests can enjoy while resting or sleeping in their rooms, there are a number of benefits to the cuddillow. Here is some background on the cuddillow, as well as why it seems to be catching on so well.

Research that was conducted at the request of the TraveLodge firm found that while guests enjoyed the amenities offered by the hotel chain, many solo travelers experienced a sense of loneliness. Others revealed that they often were anxious about sleeping alone in an unknown city. In response to this information, the TraveLodge determined to see what could be done to help ease those feelings of loneliness and help their guests enjoy their stay a little more.

The end result was to come up with a means of providing the guest with a substitute hug, by way of a specially designed pillow. Guests who were traveling alone would be able to curl up in the embrace of the cuddillow and have a sense of being held by a loved one.


The structure of the cuddillow is very simple. Roughly the length of the average human torso, the cuddillow features two sections that function as arms. The individual can rest his or her head on the body of the cuddillow and gently wrap the arms across, in a style that is similar to the gentle embrace of a loved one. Cuddillows are made with soft yet durable shells that are easy to clean, and contain a variety of fillers, ranging from goose feathers and down to synthetic fillers for people with allergies.

Early reports indicate that these unique cuddling pillows are making a positive impact with hotel guests. The Travelodge chain makes them available at no extra charge in a select number of hotels, with plans to expand their availability throughout all their hotels if the response continues to be positive. Guests are reporting that the cuddillow is not only helpful for settling into a strange room in a new city, but that they also help guests to obtain a good night’s sleep, simply because they help to lower the anxiety level. Even people who are not particularly lonely find that the cuddillow is helpful when it comes to getting a good night’s rest.

Other hotel chains are watching the experiment with the cuddillow very carefully. Should the cuddillow prove to be popular with TraveLodge guests, there is no doubt that other hotel chains will soon offer the cuddillow to their guests as well.


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