What is a Countdown Clock?

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A countdown clock is a portable, digital timer set to count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to an important event. In most cases, the countdown clock is used for fun and might tick away the minutes to a favorite seasonal holiday, birthday, anniversary or New Year. The face of the clock or its casing might be decorated according to the event. Other models have generic casings to be used for any important event.

A countdown clock makes a fun and interesting present. It is a constant reminder of something wonderful on the way. A student might like a countdown clock to keep track of the days left until graduation. How about getting Dad a countdown clock to retirement? A countdown clock even makes a great gift for an engagement party. The bride-to-be can set it to count down the days to the wedding, then use it as an anniversary countdown clock thereafter.

Do you or someone you know have a family member in the military? An Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines countdown clock is a great present for loved ones waiting at home. Set it to countdown the days until their loved one is due home!


You might also like a countdown clock for yourself. You can set it to keep track of plans and engagements. That upcoming killer concert in two weeks, the dinner parties next month, vacation with friends in August, and the long-awaited season premiere of your favorite cable television series in the fall. By the time one engagement passes, you have something new to look forward to!

Some countdown clocks come with multiple interchangeable faces so that you can "dress the clock up" for the next upcoming occasion. It might come with Christmas, birthday, anniversary and vacation faces.

In addition to being an uplifting gift, a countdown clock can also serve as a motivator. A company might use a large countdown clock in the "war room" to keep track of the time left on a particular project. Whenever employees glance at the seconds ticking away, they will be reminded of the deadline. A project manager might even give each member of the team a countdown clock to sit on his or her desk.

A countdown clock can even be a motivator for reaching personal goals. Set a deadline for yourself to lose that weight, save a chunk of money, or fulfill a dream, then set the countdown clock ticking!

Countdown clocks are inexpensive gifts that keep on giving. They are a constant reminder that good plans, good times, and good goals are in the making, just around the next corner!


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