What is a Christmas Cookie Exchange?

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A Christmas cookie exchange is a party to which home bakers each bring dozens of cookies they've baked so that everyone gets a large assortment of holiday cookies to take home. One baker hosts the party and provides a few simple snacks and drinks. The cookies are not usually eaten at the party and recipes for the cookies are often exchanged along with the cookies.

It's up to the host of the Christmas cookie exchange to set the guidelines and these should be communicated clearly on the invitations. For example, the exact number of cookies to be baked and brought to the exchange party should be specified. Bakers should also be instructed to bring a large tin or plastic container with waxed paper to put between the layers so that they can carry the cookies home. The host should also ask bakers to have their cookies baked two days before the party as the cookies will be less fragile.

It's a good idea for the host to mention a deadline for the RSVP and to specify that the recipe must be sent to the host ahead of time as well. The host needs to coordinate the selection so that there will be a good assortment of different types of cookies such as drop, bar, rolled and biscotti. The cookies should be Christmas cookies, but you don't want to have seven varieties of shortbread or it won't be a very interesting Christmas cookie exchange!


The host may make copies of all of the recipes and put them into little booklets for each guest. Alternatively, inexpensive folders with copies of the recipes can be given to each guest. The main thing is that everyone knows the exact ingredients in each cookie for allergy concerns. Of course, it's also nice to have the recipes of the cookies so that the bakers can bake the recipes themselves in the future if they enjoy the other bakers' cookies.

The host of a Christmas cookie exchange party may ask each guest baker to speak about the cookie they brought. Many times the recipes are family Christmas cookie recipes with childhood memories behind them. But, all bakers are welcome and the recipe can be a modern recipe as well.


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this may be a sensitive subject, but what do you do in the case of a really bad cook? it's hard to make a bad cookie, but what if someone consistently brings yucky cookies? i guess the nice thing would be to continue inviting them, and pretending you love them! ;-)

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