What is a Backyard Patio?

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A backyard patio is an area of yard typically sectioned off for entertainment or relaxation. Often, it is a hard-surfaced section, floored with brick, stone or even sturdy tiles. Patios can be a great space for gatherings or tranquil retreats, and can be customized to suit your personal taste and style.

If you like to hold parties and entertain, a backyard patio can increase your available space and make use of your outdoor areas. Many people keep a grill or barbecue available on the patio for outdoor cooking, and seating space can easily be added with outdoor chairs and tables. If you live in a cooler climate, consider adding an outdoor fireplace to your patio area, to allow guests to keep warm and cozy on chilly days.

Your backyard patio can reflect the character of your backyard, particularly if you are an avid gardener. Add a border of tropical ferns, wicker furniture and even a few tiki torches for a tropical flair. Place terracotta planters filled with herbs over a tiled groundcover to create a Mediterranean look. Or try surrounding the patio with low hedges and roses and furnishing with classic white furniture for an elegant European vibe.


Lighting your backyard patio is an important priority, to help you extend its use into nighttime hours. If possible, string strands of Christmas or novelty lights across the top to give a festive, all-over illumination. For a romantic, soft glow, use outdoor lanterns and candles, which can add a delicious scent to the air as well as provide light. Be sure to protect against fire if you are using candles; keep a hose or fire extinguisher nearby and keep flames well away from any dry materials or flammable substances.

If your area is prone to rain or snow, consider getting a permanent or removable cover for your patio. Not only will this protect any patio furniture against the elements, it can also keep your outdoor oasis usable during inclement weather. Keep a chest of blankets and warm sweaters near to your backdoor, and discover the joys of cuddling up outside with a good book during a rainstorm. You may also want to consider enclosing your patio with a removable screen, to keep out mosquitoes and other unwanted critters during the year.

A backyard patio can be a wonderful gathering place for you, your family and your friends. If you have a cemented or bricked space available, it does not need to be expensive or time consuming to create a warm and inviting outdoor entertainment area. Whether your style is formal, themed or whimsical, you can easily make a backyard patio suit both your style and your budget.


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Plastic outdoor furniture is also great for backyard patios. This type of furniture is inexpensive yet attractive when it comes to creating patio designs. It also makes patios look nice and inviting without the need to spend a lot of money.

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As kids, my brother and I spent a great deal of our summers on our backyard patio. Not only was it a great place to relax, but we spent our time close to the home we loved dreaming up adventures right in our own backyard. I think that parents should make their patios kid-friendly to provide safe places to play and fond childhood memories.

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