What Do Bedroom Designers Do?

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Bedroom designers plan and execute designs for clients' sleeping quarters. Their design plans typically include furniture choices and placement, lighting and accent pieces. They must first present their ideas to clients by showing them swatches of possible fabric choices as well as carpeting or flooring samples if applicable to the project. Bedroom designers must first have a good understanding of who their client is in terms of personal taste and what this individual wants and needs in the room's design.

Working within both a budget and a time line are regular tasks for a bedroom designer. He or she must carefully consider delivery dates for furnishings as well as deadlines for any contractors who must be hired to install new lighting or do painting or other jobs. Like all interior designers, those who specialize in bedrooms must first have a completed plan with sketches and a list of materials. This information serves as a project guideline when completing a client's bedroom makeover. Whether the room is to be casual or formal in its look, bedroom designers must consider every detail.


Once he or she does have every detail of the client's new bedroom planned, the designer then must create a project schedule so each person hired for a part of the project will have the needed materials on time. For example, when a bedroom designer hires a builder to create a custom bookcase, but the supplies aren't delivered when the worker is scheduled to begin, the delays may not only affect the completion date for the client but cost a designer money out of his or her own pocket. Interior designers have to properly schedule workers or materials or their profit margin for their own work may easily be affected.

The types of stores in which a bedroom designer shops for client projects depends on the customer's budget. Bedroom designers should keep a list of everything they purchase for a client as well as save all of the receipts. It's not usually necessary for a designer to take something back to a store though, since he or she is likely to have received the client's approval on main furniture pieces. Typically, a bedroom designer tries to save some of the budget for attractive accents after the main pieces are purchased. Plants, throw pillows, candles, wall art and small rugs are often accessories that a bedroom designer considers adding to a client's room.


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