What are Ways to Organize Clothes?

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Keeping clothes organized in closets and drawers is a great way to easily find what you want to wear. Storing clothing properly also helps it last longer and look better. There are different ways to organize clothes. The most efficient way of organizing clothing depends on the storage space available as well as the type of clothing a person has.

Dress pants, shirts, dresses, suits, jackets and coats should be hung in a closet. It's best to organize clothes like these by hanging like items near each other. This way, you can quickly find the certain pair of pants you want to wear because all your pants will be hanging in one section of your closet. Another possible way to organize clothes is to group them by color. You could start by hanging up all your black pieces, then gray, brown, tan and white pieces. After organizing the neutral colors, you could hang up all your colored items by placing all the red pieces together, all the blue pieces together and so on.


You may discover that when your clothes are hanging up neatly according to color, it's easy to see mix and match possibilities you may have not otherwise thought of. For example you may decide to pair a silk blouse with blue jeans because the fabrics and colors work well together and give a new look to both the blouse and the jeans. Additionally, if you also have your accessories such as shoes, purses, belts, scarves and jewelry organized, you can see at a glance which of these can best accent the new outfit you’ve created.

Shelves in closet systems may help you organize clothes such as folded sweaters and exercise wear. Shoes, handbags and scarves may also be stored on closet shelves. Shoes may also be stored on shoe organizers that rest on the closet floor and you could organize footwear into groups of dress and casual styles as well as by color. Shoes that you don't wear as often will still be easy to spot, yet out of the way if you store them in clear plastic shoe boxes on a shelf high up in your closet.

A chest of drawers usually has at least four or five drawers to organize clothes. You may find smaller items such as jewelry, scarves, socks, pantyhose and underwear easier to access if you store them in a top drawer. Dividers or small containers can help keep small items together to help keep dresser drawers neat. If you don’t want to buy drawer organizer containers, you can easily and inexpensively make your own by cutting the bottoms off of cereal boxes before you add them to the recycling bin.

Larger items of clothing such as pajamas, sweat pants and t-shirts can be placed into middle or bottom drawers. Some people like to use one or two bottom drawers to store out of season clothing or even items such as school supplies and craft supplies to help keep clutter under control.


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Post 3

heart297- Organizing your closet does not have to be expensive. Try visiting a flea market or a second hand store. You can often find good deals on shoe racks and closet dividers. You can also find tools for organizing your closet inexpensively online. Visit an online marketplace like Amazon or eBay and see what you can find.

Post 2

NewsGuru- I think that organizing your closet by occasion is an interesting idea. Thanks for the tip.

Does anyone have any tips for organizing a closet on a budget?

Post 1

I like to organize my clothes by occasion. I put very casual clothing such as jeans and t-shirts in one part of the closet. I put more fancy clothing such as dresses and skirts in another part of the closet. This helps me to easily pick an outfit that is suitable for work, going to dinner or just going out to a park.

I also organize my shoes by occasion. I put casual shoes such as sandals and tennis shoes at the front of my closet because I wear them often. I put more dressy shoes such as high heels in the back of the closet because I wear them less often.

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