What are the Different Types of Traditional Home Decor?

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Traditional home decor can mean different things to different people, depending on the feel they want in a room or entire home. For example, traditional decor can be either formal and informal. In general, traditional home decor is used to give a room a comfortable, "homey" feel, and is made up of comfortable furniture and neutral colors. Matching furniture is often used to give rooms a cohesive appearance, and colors are often coordinated throughout the room, and throughout the home, to make the home seem as if the rooms are simply an extension of one overall theme.

Though people sometimes use country style decorations in traditional homes because they tend to match, traditional home decor is not synonymous with country style. Floral patterns are especially common in this decorating style, because there are many different attractive yet fairly understated colors in floral patterns. For example, a floral fabric might be chosen for furniture such as couches and chairs, and then the paint colors used for the walls and trim can be chosen to match the colors found in the fabric. Bright, flashy colors, or boldly patterned fabrics, are not often used in traditional decor styles.


Classic wood furniture is often a staple of traditional home decor. Many people will purchase a new set of furniture for a dining room or living room so that all the pieces match, rather than selecting pieces one by one. This is because eclectic room styles are more indicative of a modern style than a traditional style. Matching sets of antique furniture are especially popular, because antique furniture fits in well with traditional home decor. The specific style of the furniture, whether it is more simple or more ornate, is a matter of personal preference rather than a set style of decor.

A more formal style of traditional home decor might feature more clean lines and colors, such as stark white trim or formal drapes. Traditional lighting is typically made up of decorative ceiling fixtures and table lamps or floor lamps rather than more modern, recessed fixtures. Decorative items often include favorite family photos, paintings, and throw pillows or throw rugs to make the room look softer, warmer, and more welcoming. Some people enjoy using images of nature in rooms decorated in a more traditional way, because the colors tend to correspond very well to the more neutral colors used in this style of decorating.


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