What Are the Different Types of Surf Decor?

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Surf decor can add a whimsical touch to any type of interior design. This can be done by using specially-designed linens such as comforters, pillows, curtains, or throw rugs to accent a living room or bedroom. Homeowners could also hang wall decor depicting beach scenes or surfboards among other things. This unique decor could be painted bright colors or very light ones such as white or beige. These interior decorations can be made from a number of materials such as wood, straw, tin, and bamboo to name a few.

Some surf decor actually consists of items that are in the shape of a surfboard. A few examples of this might be a ceiling fan with surfboard-shaped blades or wall decor such as shelving or signs. Rugs and end tables might also be in the shape of a surfboard. The surfboard might be painted in a Hawaiian theme or left unfinished so an individual can create a custom piece to match other home furnishings.

People can sometimes buy matching room decor with a surfing theme for a bedroom or bathroom. Bedroom surf decor might include sheets, pillowcases, dust ruffles, and blankets with an ocean print on them. Bathroom sets could consist of towels, wash cloths, and shower curtains that contain surfboard designs. One of these sets could also have functional decor such as toothbrush holders, towel bars, and soap dishes to name a few.


Some surf decor can be used in any room of the home and these pieces are normally easy to mix and match. Accessories such as lamps, clocks, and mirrors might work well in a living room, den, or dining area. Bamboo place mats could be used in a kitchen or to protect a coffee table or end table. People might choose coasters to match these place mats, and these could be made of cork, wood, or bamboo among other things.

Many surf decorations contain a Hawaiian theme to include leis, tropical waterfalls, and bright flowers. These home decorations might be in the way of posters, paintings, or murals that can be used to create a focal point for a bedroom or living room. Wall decor such as this may sometimes be used in conjunction with tropical houseplants or indoor fountains that resemble a waterfall.

Surf decor can include not only interior decorations, but outdoor ones as well. Some examples of this might be a beach chair painted with a surf theme or a vintage surfboard hung along a fence as an accent piece. Homeowners who enjoy this unique decor can be free to express their individual tastes no matter what area they choose to decorate.


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