What Are the Different Types of Southwestern Decor?

Lori Kilchermann

Southwestern decor typically incorporates the vivid colors of the southwest region, including golds, blues, and browns. It also commonly depicts the native people, fauna, and animals of the area, including cacti, geckos, and coyotes. Aztec and Pueblo patterns are popular on southwestern textiles, including towels, rugs, and pillows. Baskets, pottery, and iron sculptures can also help to achieve a southwestern atmosphere.

Dream catcher over a woman.
Dream catcher over a woman.

Wall art with southwestern flair includes arrow quivers, rustic crosses, and pottery wall clocks. Other southwestern decor wall art options include ceramic lizards, dancing Kokopelli — the humpbacked flute player — figurines, and decorative mirrors. Oil paintings of Pueblo villages, woven dream catchers, and metal wall sculptures are also available in southwestern styles. Figurines and statues of Adobe villages, horses, and cacti can also add southwestern flair to a room, while steer horns and log ladders can also be used to help achieve a southwestern atmosphere.

Coyotes are often depicted in Southwestern decor.
Coyotes are often depicted in Southwestern decor.

Bathroom-styled southwestern decor includes toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, and bar soap dishes. Southwestern-styled shower curtains and shower curtain rings are also available. Towel sets featuring Aztec patterns, geckos, and the sun are offered with southwestern flair, while towel holders, toilet tissue holders, and towel rings are available in Kokopelli patterns. The same pattern is also available on items such as switch plate covers, throw rugs, and wall shelves.

Deep red clay or painted pottery is also typical of the southwest. Garden planters and blanket ladders can help to create a southwestern atmosphere outside, while tabletop fountains made from ceramic, pottery, or metal can add this flair indoors or outdoors. Other decorating options include sun-shaped figures made from clay or iron, wormwood boxes with antiqued hardware, and clay wall sconces. Various clay pottery vases can be paired with metal stands to add height to a southwestern decor vignette.

Some types of southwestern-inspired kitchen decor items include pottery canisters, cookbook holders, and Aztec patterned table linens. Other kitchen offerings include a magnetic dishwasher cover, chili pepper paper towel holders, and Pueblo-style teapot. Chili pepper cookie jars, utensil holders, and salt and pepper shakers are also available for the kitchen. Woven Mexican palm baskets, mats, and tissue holders are also offered in southwestern decor colors. Chili pepper-shaped accessories, such as peep hole door viewers, place card holders, and cabinet knobs, can add color and southwestern flair to a room.

Carved Mexican chairs and benches can be added to complete any room of the house with a southwestern flair. They can be finished with brilliant colors or covered with southwestern-type textiles. A couch that looks like a cactus, an Aztec-patterned throw pillow, and a wood-carved CD cabinet can also help promote a southwestern feel. Even furniture such as pigskin-backed chairs can add to this look. Southwestern decor for the bedroom includes carved, wood headboards, and sheets and blankets in colorful, southwestern patterns.

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