What Are the Different Types of Soft Updos?

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An updo is a hairstyle in which the woman's hair is pulled up from her neck and shoulders and pinned in some manner on the top or back of her head. Soft updos usually have soft curls that are pinned in place, or may cascade down the back of her head. Different types of soft updos feature curls brought close to the forehead, around the crown or around the back of the head. An updo may also be softened by backcombing the hair close to the scalp and loosely collecting it in one place with pins, allowing a full, soft look on the crown and around the face. The soft updo is the perfect style for a wedding, prom, or any special occasion.

The casual soft updos are not reserved solely for casual occasions. They are sometimes seen in formal settings, such as on the red carpet in Hollywood before an awards ceremony. The casual style almost appears to be coming apart, but this look is intentional. With a few strands of hair falling down out of a loose updo piled at the crown, this style gives the wearer a carefree look. The falling strands frame her face and neck, and if a few more come loose, she does not need to fuss over it.


Weddings and proms are often settings for formal soft updos. With many large curls, winding around each other in an intricate design, this updo style is soft and romantic. This formal hairstyle lends itself to creativity and glamor. Hair pins, pearls, and rhinestones can be added to enhance the attractive look and match the wearer's outfit.

Soft updos do not always have curls. A classic chignon or French twist can be softened with the use of large curlers to provide height and side-swept bangs across the forehead. These small touches add an element of softness. Another soft touch is to leave small tendrils of hair gently framing the sides of the face.

When choosing a soft updo, consider the facial shape. Most faces look great in soft updos, but a woman with a round face should be careful to pile the hair on top of her head to add more height to her round face. A woman with a long face should do the opposite and keep the updo in the back of her head to minimize the length of her face. Some curly tendrils can help to add some width to her face.


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