What Are the Different Types of Owl Decor?

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Owl decor includes a wide range of types, including fabric and textile decor, home accent decor, wall art decor and holiday or special event decor. It typically is classified by the piece's function or purpose. The owl decor can be further categorized by its visual style.

Upholstered owl decor include pillows, bedspreads, throws, fabrics and upholstery that features owls or owl themes. Materials and styles range widely, depending on the decorator's color scheme and the room's overall visual style. An accent pillow might feature a motif of small owls in a repeating pattern, or it might be as simple as a white pillow with a hand-drawn sketch of a large owl. Vintage-style images of owls and stylized, graphic interpretations with bold colors, minimal lines and heavy use of color blocks are also mainstays.

Home accent decor also can feature owls. Owl decor appeared in virtually every imaginable accent piece, such as owl-themed lamps, bookends, tiny knick-knacks and coasters. Porcelain accents in burnt oranges, bold yellows, reds and light blues are typical.

These pieces also typically feature cartoon-like or graphic-looking owls. The counterparts to the kitschy, bright-colored owl accents are the vintage-style owl pieces that are carved from wood or stone, typically dating to the 1970s or sooner. The owls featured in these carved pieces typically are more naturalistic-looking than the contemporary versions.


Owl wall art typically follows the styles of other types of art decor. Vintage interpretations range from artists' sketches or watercolor paintings to macramé, beaded or feather-crafted renditions of the bird that are meant to be hung over a sofa, in a dining area, on a kitchen backsplash or one an accent wall. Owl decals, murals and stencils let a decorator create a custom look, and styles range from childlike characters for use in nurseries and playrooms to classic-looking paintings or photographic images. A wide variety of styles exist, and some websites feature large collections of pieces for sale by artists with varying interpretations.

Different types of decor also exist for holidays and celebrations. Owl-inspired decor features heavy use of orange and black with darker, ominous looking owls instead of the typical cheerful and sprite-looking creatures in home decor. Red and green owls can also sit alongside holly and pine cones for holiday owl decor.

Craft stores stock miniature owls that can be used with place settings or glued onto handmade centerpieces. Hanging owls made from crêpe paper, construction paper and other materials add to the ambiance of an owl-themed party. Owl napkins, plates and tablecloths provide a quick decorating solution for a busy party host or hostess.


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