What Are the Different Types of Mobile Business Ideas?

Lainie Petersen

Many entrepreneurs are interested in mobile business ideas, as this business model allows them to operate a business without having to purchase or rent property. Types of mobile business ideas vary, but may include personal care services, pet care services, as well as the performance of household chores. Food and vending services are also well-known options. When considering a mobile business start-up, entrepreneurs should think about their own natural interests and talents as well as business licensing laws in the area or areas that they wish to operate their business.

pet grooming businesses are sometimes mobile-based.
pet grooming businesses are sometimes mobile-based.

Some mobile business ideas involve providing services that are normally available in offices or shops to people in their homes. Common examples include mobile pet grooming businesses, in which professional pet groomers will travel to the homes of their clients. In some cases, the groomers have a sink and other equipment in a van, while in other cases the groomers will simply use their client's own bathtub and space to wash and clip the client's pets. Other types of mobile business ideas in this genre include traveling massage therapists and traveling beauty therapists who offer hairstyling, waxing, and other cosmetic services to clients in their homes.

Transporting clothes back and forth from a laundromat might turn into a successful mobile business.
Transporting clothes back and forth from a laundromat might turn into a successful mobile business.

Many people are unable to perform many different types of household chores, such as laundry, grocery shopping, and cooking, due to a disability or simply being overwhelmed with work and other responsibilities. Mobile business ideas for serving these potential customers include laundry pickup and delivery, personal grocery shopping, and personal chef services. Some laundromats and commercial cleaning services offer their own pickup and delivery services, but some entrepreneurs simply work with an established laundromat or dry cleaner and pick up and drop off clients' laundry according to clients' scheduling needs. Personal chefs will drive to a client's home to prepare meals or may prepare client meals in a separate kitchen and drop them off so that the client and his or her family can enjoy these meals at their leisure.

Not all mobile business ideas involve providing services at a client's home. Mobile businesses may operate in business districts so as to attract the attention of workers, shoppers, and tourists. One very well-known type of mobile business that operates in this environment is the food truck, which sells food directly to customers who can then take their food and eat at their office, a park, or another place of their choice. Other trucks may vend souvenirs or accessories, such as hats and sunglasses.

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I used to work as a private investigator and I never had any kind of office. I received all of my cases from an agency that was based on the other side of the country. I would get the leads and then handle all the investigation work myself. Mostly this involved sitting for long hours in my car and sleeping in lousy motels. In hindsight it might have been nicer to have an office.


I have a house cleaning service so I don't really have a proper a office. I keep most of my supplies in the trunk of my car and I handle all the details of the business from my home.

I have thought about getting a storefront though because I think it might boost my business if people drove by everyday and saw my name and the services I offered.


I work as a freelance writer and I can set up my office anyplace that has an outlet for my laptop and wi-fi access. I end up working in cafes, libraries, even airports.

Its nice because I can work anywhere and I don't have to pay to rent office space or be in one set place at any given time. But the flip side is that I am never really away from my work. It's not like I punch the clock and go home at the end of the day. There is always more to be done and sometimes no good excuse not to do it.

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