What Are the Different Types of Loft Decorating Ideas?

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The different types of loft decorating ideas include a variety of styles and influences that merge to create this iconic design trend. Design of contrast is fused with an eclectic influence for a mix of old and new, familiar and exotic. Architectural decor ideas let the building interior become the visual focus, designing around features like huge windows and unusual arches, brick walls, or stairwells. Industrial decor style also has a large influence on loft interior design, accenting the large, commercial nature of the space while making it hospitable and comfortable.

Loft decorating ideas may center around bringing seemingly contrasting looks or pieces together. An old leather chair may have an accent pillow in a contemporary print, or a sleek mid-century coffee table may sit next to a curvy Victorian chair. This style emphasizes a found item or vintage shop feel where pieces have been re-purposed and made over to balance a warm, cozy feeling with a bold and rich contemporary quality.

Eclectic design provides a wealth of inspiration for loft decorating ideas. Loft style tends to accentuate the exotic, bohemian, and global. Rugs, room dividers, and throw pillows can feature exotic prints and rich colors. Furnishings can seem to have been acquired over time, from different parts of the world rather than a single retailer at the local department store. Balance is kept by tying things together with unifying color, shape, or design style showing up in various ways throughout the loft.


Architectural loft decorating ideas center around using defining elements in the building design itself to guide how to furnish and accent the interior. For instance, most lofts have large high or floor-to-ceiling windows that allow for plenty of sunlight. Design can center around allowing the windows to be a visual focus and capturing the open, expansive nature of the loft without it seeming impersonal. Floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains accentuate the length while softening the room. The loft may also have an exposed brick wall, unusual arch, or stairwell, or any number of architectural interests that can be highlighted by clustering fine art near there, painting it a bold color, or leaving it simple with minimal furnishings and decor nearby.

Many loft decorating ideas highlight the space's original purpose, such as in re-purposed warehouses or industrial buildings turned art studio or office and living area. Loft decor typically accentuates the "work space" or an industrial feel. Large artwork or libraries and open office or workshop areas emphasize space and inspire a utilitarian style. Primitive work lights, re-purposed tables made from sawhorses, and decorative nooks for reading and working may be present. Makeshift room dividers or hanging walls create partial walls to separate the different living areas, but to keep the open, industrial layout.


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