What are the Different Types of Hipster Haircuts?

Tara Barnett

Hipster haircuts are a lot like normal haircuts. Much of what makes a hairstyle fit a hipster ethos is maintenance and color. Many hipsters like hairstyles that look natural and effortless, while others prefer more punk, dyed looks. Also, the place where the haircut was obtained can have an effect on how much of a hipster haircut it is. It is important to remember that hipster hairstyles change based on what is considered hipster at a particular time, so keeping up with trends is very important.

A hipster may wear her hair in dreadlocks.
A hipster may wear her hair in dreadlocks.

While almost any haircut can be worn by a hipster without detracting from the overall hipster look, certain haircuts are consider more hipster than others. A mullet, for example, can be a hipster haircut when worn by a hipster, as can dreadlocks, even though these styles are completely different. What matters for hipster haircuts is the attitude with which the hair is worn. If the haircut was selected ironically, then it can be considered a hipster haircut.

A hipster haircut for men might feature long bangs parted to the side.
A hipster haircut for men might feature long bangs parted to the side.

In general, hipsters often have a tendency to choose asymmetrical haircuts, sometimes with a single chunk of hair longer than the rest of the hair. Layered looks are popular, as are bangs for both men and women. Commonly, hipster haircuts are supposed to look natural, but many hipsters have dyed hair. Some hipster haircuts involve dying hair multiple colors, sometimes in layers. Hipsters like to use hair as part of artistic expression, so hair is often highly unique.

Hipster haircuts can be obtained from salons, but many hipsters pride themselves on cutting their own hair or having a friend cut it. When done carelessly, this leads to a desirable irregular look. Hair cut at home is most noticeable in short or drastic styles, which explains the popularity of short hair among those hipsters who cut their hair at home.

Hair can be made to look more hipster-appropriate by styling or maintaining it in certain ways. Many hipsters refrain from washing their hair excessively for a sleepy look, while others style their hair in eccentric designs. The way in which the hair is styled must match the way in which it is cut, so it is important to consider the amount of time one is willing to spend styling prior to choosing a haircut.

It is relatively easy to determine which haircuts are popular among hipsters by looking at current hipsters or hipster musicians. If someone is highly skilled, it is sometimes possible to style hair any way that is wished and become a trendsetter instead of a follower. Hipsters, like all people, admire confidence, so wearing one's hair with confidence can turn any hairstyle into a hipster haircut.

Many hipsters like their hair to look effortless.
Many hipsters like their hair to look effortless.

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